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    This concept always baffled me growing up. It used to really p~~~ me off and still does to some extent, that all my ex girlfriends dated the bad boy thug. 2 of my ex’s were physically beaten and impregnated, one of which chose to have an abortion. My most recent ex got punched in the face and was bleeding, cops were called, and when she mentioned the guys name, cops said “what are you doing with this guy, he’s dangerous, stay away from him.” The cops KNEW who this man was! Anyhow, she STILL went back to him claiming that they had great sexual chemistry. That s~~~ hurt like HELL when she said that…

    Point is, she was 24-25 when she was with this guy. Her prime age of looks and reproductive abilities. He got her in her prime that mother f~~~er. Then when her clock started ticking and she wanted to settle down and have a family, she meets me. And I’m supposed to get a ring, pay for a weeding, honeymoon and be her slave the rest of her life? F~~~ THAT! I stayed with her for 4 years, went through unbelievable amounts of drama, but had lots of sex and great orgasms. Then we she started pressing marriage I got the f~~~ out.

    The woman before her dated a thug, drug dealing, gun carrying, pschyo path. Got pregnant had 2 kids and my dumb ass lived with her for 2 years. Again she was very young, at her prime when she got with this man. She wanted to marry me also and I said NO!

    Basically I had relationships with women who all had bad boy ex’s in their prime years and got with me when their clocks started ticking and they wanted to settle down. I ain’t no f~~~ing beta provider! I basically held on to them and had great sex with them, then dropped their asses.

    My next conquest is to f~~~ 23-25 year olds. I want the PRIME pussy! I’m financially stable, good looking, in great shape, employed, got my own place, my own car, single, no kids, never married and 36 years old. Pump and dump is my goal, as many as I can. Travel, see the world and never fall in the traps I once did. F~~~ these bitches!

    Once you take the red pill, you will eventually conclude that; there's no turning back.



    Amen brother.



    It didn’t end well for this thug chaser.

    But of course — the idiot’s conclusion (end of article) is ‘domestic violence’ – not bad life choices (slaps head).

    Knights Templar Rising
    Knights Templar Rising

    Most women are turned on by little bit of “danger”, whatever that may entail, hence the popularity of 50 Shades of Rape.

    I’m almost 50, and have a bit of serious bad boy in me by nature. I do everything from extreme sports, to bowhunting. I find when revealed in the right doses, it is a pantie melter for sure. Most were titillated by it, often verbally.

    I believe their susceptibility to it is primal. The “danger” is attractive to them, because it is a metaphor for the alpha personality which suits the hunter/warrior profile they instinctively desired for survival. Even women who are horrified by the idea of killing an animal themselves, are often vocally aroused when I tell them I bowhunt deer.

    Sovereignty above all else.

    MGTOW Knight
    MGTOW Knight

    Women love bad boys. I used to be the guy that girls would confide in about jerks they were dating. I was blue pill and always in the friend zone. When it dawned on me to be a dick, the pussy kept piling up. Women get wetter than a water slide from douche bags. Women get drier than the Sahara for “nice” guys. It is as simple as that.

    Fuck bitches... literally and metaphorically


    Pre-agricultural days starting 10k years ago or so then all he way back women sought the protection of the Hunter Gatherer alpha males. Big, strong, aggressive, able to hunt and fight. Lets call this Alpha A.

    Post-Hunter Gatherer into the Agricultural Age with the rise of civilizations came the ability of males to accumulate wealth and power came the new alpha, Alpha B.

    Women today, and for that past 10k years really have been confronted with two very different Alphas. They are still hardwired to get wet for Alpha A, as they have been for millennia, but they are now posed with the dilemma that the modern world presents to them with the power being mostly in the hands of Alpha B.

    This theory of mine explains why some women get aroused watching men fight. It also explains why old crusty f~~~s with money can pull 9’s and 10’s all day long.

    Ultimately women want an Alpha AB, so it is no wonder they are near impossible to please.

    Your theory has been proven by a landmark study done in Germany. After following a group of women they found that not only does their sex drive increase when they are ovulating they also have an increased desire to go out to clubs without their husbands and dress and dance provocatively. They are especially attracted to Alpha macho Chads due to a biological desire to get impregnated by them for their superior male genes. Of course they hid this from their Beta husbands and trick them into thinking the kid is his to get them to care for and lovingly raise them as his own due to his greater caring skills.
    This way women get the best of both worlds by getting the best genes from Alphas for their offspring while having them well taken care of by Betas. Of course these biological urges are subconscious but they operate in all women. Societal influences may keep these urges in check for most women but there are also many who give into them.



    I’m not much for thread bumping, but since David Futrelle linked this thread in the NY Mag hit piece he did (3/31/17). I have a message for anyone who clicked on that link.

    Dear NY Mag readers,

    Please look up hybristophilia, and then ponder on it for a while. Ol’ C-Pig has been around for many a moon and seen it happen in real life too.


    There’s really no need for a verbose and overanalytical response to this question. It’s very simple. It’s because they’re not boring. Period. Women are willing to endure just about ANYTHING as long as you don’t BORE them.

    I don’t really go out of my way to be an “asshole” to women per se (unless a scenario calls for it), but I take absolutely zero s~~~ from them, and leave them with a feeling that I don’t care if I ever saw them again.

    As MGTOW Knight alluded to, playing the “emotional tampon” role is the worst thing you can possibly do. Not only do you have to endure the exhaustion of pretending to give a s~~~ about her SELF CREATED problems, but you end up not getting what you really want.

    Aunt Esther: Fred, I'll have you know this body was blessed by Mother Nature!! Fred: Well, too bad your face was cursed by Father Time!

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