women in car accident, stabs lady, policeman shoots her

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    Why is it that without even being reported yet, we already know, its a BLACK C U N T who tried to stab another driver to death and a cop, and had to be shot to death, just because she was angry and homicidal over a god damn traffic accident.

    LOL. This happened this morning 25th of June in Plano Texas.

    from the article

    Police said the officer pulled up to the scene of the traffic accident that involved two cars. He tried to check on the people involved.

    As the officer approached one car, police said a woman got out of the driver’s seat, lunged at the officer and stabbed him in the left arm.

    The officer retreated. Then he noticed the suspect running around the vehicles to attack the other driver.

    Police said the officer took action and fired shots, hitting the suspect as she was stabbing the other driver.


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