Women losing it on restaurant workers – no societal outrage, what penalties

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    We’ve seen more and more of these stories where people lose what little sh1t they have on restaurant workers and fast food workers without them even waiting for staff to correct it, if they can. A machine is down, they attack workers. Somthing is too cold, they attack workers. Something isnt made that time of day, they attack workers. Not enough ketchup or napkins, they come back in and attack workers. Sometimes they try to come through the drive thru winode, or pull a worker thru a window. They leap the counter, or race into areas they aren’t permitted.

    Almost all the violent atackers in these stories are women.

    Who the f~~~ do they think they are to attack other people? Where are the stories on the womens shows slamming the women for no self control over the smallest little things? Nowhere. They deliverately refuse to cover the increasing number of women who cant act civil and get a small order issue corrected or deal with the fact a retaurant doesnt serve their breakfast menu at the 5pm dinner rush.

    Women want everything, but want responsibility and accountability for nothing.

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