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    Hello. I’m your host, Deadly Raver, for this installment of WHAT THE F~~~!?!?!? News. Tonight’s episode comes from Arizona where former teacher Brittany Zamora has just found out that not every pussy gets the pass.

    Meh. She’s just gonna get out after a year and………………..

    Zamora will serve the full 20 years with credit for 478 days of time served.

    Damn. I guess that judge got done dirty by chicks before in his own past. I don’t really condone revenge, but I guess……..

    Today Judge Sherry Stephens sentenced Brittany Zamora to 20 years in prison for sexual conduct with a minor, attempted molestation of a child, and public sexual indecency.

    A……………..A woman…………..sentenced her?

    fred heart attack

    Okay brothers. What say you?

    Learn from the past, Control the present, and you will know the Future.

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