The following terms and definitions are often used to encapsulate certain concepts and points of understanding within the realm of social dynamics. This list will be occasionally updated as new terminology appears.

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Average Frustrated Chump. (See Beta Male and Omega Male)

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Alpha Male

The leader of the pack. The c~~~ of the walk. The man other men aspire to be… and women want to be with.

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“A Statistically Significant Percentage Of Women Are Like That” . . . . incase the detractor isn’t getting it.

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AW (or WW)

American/Western women in the aggregate.

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ALL Women Are Like That. The opposite of NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That)

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Baby Rabies

The female biological clock in full hyperdrive. Firing all cylinders, she has a plan to get pregnant and you are not a part of it. Except to make 216 monthly payments which she plans to extort using any and all methods at her disposal. Including any form of deceit. There are virtually NO limits to what she is capable of – and WILL do – including reaching into the garbage to fertilize herself using the contents of a discarded condom which an otherwise responsibly-behaved man used to protect himself from entering fatherhood against his own will and better judgement.

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Bad Girl

While women everywhere continue to publicly trip over themselves and stumble while trying to define a “man”, a “good man”, or (our personal favorite) a “real man”… as Men, we do not engage in that manner of horses~~~. It’s up to every woman to define herself. Women already do an excellent job of this with their actions, and particularly their non-actions.

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Beta Male

The nice guy; the sweetheart; the feminized mangina; the man women marry as Plan B if they can’t snag an Alpha male, then subconsciously hate him for it later.

Please Note

MGTOW do not subscribe to such silly and finite classifications as “beta” or “alpha” because these terms are essentially defined by the female. These definitions exist here only to illustrate what other people mean when they sling these bulls~~~ terms around like a frisbee.

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Often mistaken for a derogatory term, the modern female embraces this title and wears it around her neck like Olympic Gold. This can be seen in modern literature written BY women – FOR other women – as in such books entitled “Why Men Love Bitches” and “Why Men Marry Bitches”. Available in paperback on Amazon, at Borders bookstore(s), and wherever nauseating trash is sold. Therefore, women never get to complain when a man uses the word “bitch” in a sentence. This is precisely why so many millions of women are single against their own will and “can’t find a man”, and it explains the exploding population of single mothers. They deliberately cultivate disaster in their own personal lives, and will even advise other women to do the same. Literally. The only reason a Man would marry a bitch is because she worked her ass off to misrepresent herself for years. No man worth anything would ever do it knowingly. This has already been established here and that bitch also proudly wears the title like a badge of honor. Maintaining QUOTE: “All us bitches are the same. We’re all the same.”. Learn it.

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Bitch Bin

The small box or drawer a man uses to store items left behind by the women he sleeps with. When the bitch bin containing tooth brushes, hair brushes, hair ties, lipstick, etc. is found by his current interest, an unapologetic response by him heightens her attraction for him even more.

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A Confrontational, Unreasonable, Narcissistic Tormentor.

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Captain Save-a-Ho

Coined by the rap artist E-40, “Captain Save-a-Ho” rescues women and single mothers who have made previously terrible choices. Playing the role of Prince Charming, he pays her bills, credit card debts, student loans, and pea-c~~~s himself as a “better man” for doing so, while allowing himself to be exploited as an ATM and human wallet. He may even take her kids to Disney Land, and “act like a father” not realizing he’s placing himself in a terribly precarious position.

Since no good deed goes unpunished, his “good deeds” turn to nightmares when the legal system decides he is now on the hook for another man’s spawn. If he doesn’t continue to play ATM, he can easily end up in prison for not paying child support for kids that aren’t even his.

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The term “Cathedral” was coined by a Mr. M.M. and reformatted by Chateau Heartiste (and probably others) for a general audience to mean the collective motivations and enlivening spirit of the bulk of the human machinery that powers the entertainment, media, government and academia industrial complexes in the West, but particularly in America. This human machinery is mostly progressive in political disposition, equalist in ideology, tyrannical in method, snarky in execution, and hypocritical in principle. So as not to associate the meaning with any religious implication, the

The Cathedral may otherwise be referred to as the “hive” – to represent the reflexive, obedient, hive-like thinking on the subject of human intellectual, psychological and sex differences, both within and between groups.

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Chad Thunderc~~~

Chad is to the SMP what rich kids are to the regular economy. You cant really understand SMP-dynamics without knowing Chad. He is the unmistakable archetypal bad boy, college jock/bully/douche. Often oblivious and purposely condescending or cruel to his fellow man. He has absolutely no clue about why whatever he does works.

Chad Thunderc~~~ is the subject of your study, and nothing more. Do not confuse him with the “alpha”. He is simply the embodiment of the phrase “No matter how good you are, theres always somebody better”. And “better” depends on circumstance, not facts or reason. Chad is the Boogeyman for most men in relationships, and the reality of the threat Chad represents is the fault of widespread female promiscuity.

Early examples include:

• Stan in “Revenge of the Nerds”.
• Glenn in “The Wedding Singer”.
• Hardy Jenns in the John Hughes 80’s classic “Some Kind of Wonderful”.

Bad for her and she knows it, but doesn’t care. A Chad can impregnate her and leave, and her boyfriend / husband can raise him. She may be married but her husband is not her first choice. She will pine for her Chad on facebook as her relationship status is set to “ask me”.

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A group of well-rehearsed feminized supporters who are ready to back up the star artist (your girlfriend or wife) at a moment’s notice and at your expense, of course. The choir is staffed by other females and beta males, and is often conducted by the guy who plans to bang her the moment you’re out of the picture.

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Cis / Cis-gendered / Cis-hetero

Feminist drivel and soft language to avoid using the word “man” – which is offensive to them.

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C~~~ Carousel

When a woman engages in the endless cycle of monkeybranching from one man to another, like poles on a carousel. Refers to women who casually sleep around in their 20’s in non-commital scenarios. Eventually when her looks fade, she realizes she wasted her prime man-snagging years and become desperate to settle down – often with a boring, dependable flavor of guy she previously had no interest in.

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A delicate-looking seemingly light and fluffy muffin top with pretty frosting which is supremely fattening and very bad for you. The gun is loaded, c~~~ed and pointed at your head. Cupcake has had her finger on the trigger from the moment you said “I do” and she will pull it on a whim, the moment you cease to entertain her in the manner she so desires. If cupcake has a Facebook account, you are basically giving her a free pass to cheat on you. She will have old flings on her account, past men she was interested in, all it takes is for you to p~~~ her off one day and she will have one these men provide a shoulder to cry on.

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A large wife or girlfriend, harder to remove than a camel in the tent.

( Credit to Terrance Popp )

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A man who props up a single mom while she’s waiting for an Alpha to ride her hard. As a motorcycle needs a rider or a kickstand to remain upright, so does a single mom need either an Alpha rider or a dickstand.

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Fat Acceptance

The ridiculous “fat acceptance movement” (also known as the size acceptance, fat liberation, fat activism, or fat power movement) is a social movement seeking to change anti-fat bias in social attitudes. While smoking cigarettes may understandably be shunned and forbidden in public spaces, and even being extremely FIT is down voted and criticized…. being fat, unsightly and grossly unhealthy is embraced to a degree that can only be described as completely insane. Where the image on the left exposes the general consensus of the hive, the image on the right is pure satire.

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John Galt is the fictional hero of the best-selling book “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

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Natural or learned behaviors that allow men to think like a bitch but not act like one. When game is a learned behavior (as it is with pick up artists), PUAs attempt to convince you that after studying “what women want” (regardless of what they SAY they want) that game isn’t about – and solely about – giving women what they want (regardless of what they SAY they want). Read that last sentence again.

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Pathetic soft language in place of the word “sex”. i.e. the male SEX, and the female SEX.

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Noun or verb. Making oneself scarce. Unplugging from the societal matrix, turning one’s back on all forms of cultural bombardment, and living “off the grid” as it were – either in attitude, or actuality – and making no overtures about it.

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Gina Tingles

A stimulating sensation between a woman’s legs which overrides all rational thought.

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Good Girl

No such thing. Some women THINK they are “good girls” because they withhold their affection from a man they pretend to “love” and deliberately intend to enter a life contract while being as unfulfilling as possible, until some sucker pays the biggest price he can possibly pay for access to her love gates. See “whore”.

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Dominated by or emphasizing feminine interests or a feminine point of view.
The female values have become the values of America(nized countries)

Gynocentric values:

• Feelings are more important than FACTS
• Sensitivity is more important than TRUTH.
• Safety is more important than FUN.
• Commitment is more important than INDIVIDUALITY.
• (Unborn) Children are more important than (living) PEOPLE.

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A play on the word “gynocracy”. A form of authoritarian rule that is imposed on the male by the female (or the hive). The idea that if you have a penis, you are automatically wrong, and if you were born with a vagina, you are right about everything… even though neither could possibly be true.

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HB/UB Scale

Hot Bitch/Ugly Bitch Scale, which generally goes from UB1 to HB10. An example of a UB1 may be a Rosie O’Donnell on her period, and an HB10 may be a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley bringing you a sandwich while wearing nothing but a smile.

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Every woman’s innate urge (and willingness) to sleep with a male of higher status than the one she’s currently settling for – virtually guaranteeing that her boyfriend or husband is never her first choice.

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Justin Case

A name given to the stand-by sucker she keeps waiting in the wings . . . just in case.

• Just in case she gets fat
• Just in case she needs a date on national holidays
• Just in case her plan to trap the guy she’s screwing today with a pregnancy fails.
• Just in case she needs a wallet
• Just in case the guy she’s sleeping with dumps her
• Just in case she needs to hang a picture
• Just in case she needs a shoulder to cry on when he cheats on her
• Just in case she needs a free ride from the club after the bar closes
• Just in case she needs to make an entrance somewhere
• Just in case she falls off the carousel
• Just in case it doesn’t work out with the other one she has on hold
• Just in case there’s a bump in the night and she “feels scared”.
• Just in case she turns 31 and ruined all of her previous prospects.

Never be that guy.

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Land Whale

Also known as a “womanatee” or “hambeast”, a Land Whale is an an extremely obese female with blubbery tricep overhang parked the all-you-can-puke buffet table.

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“Let’s just be friends”. Woman-speak for I will not have sex with you. It does not mean friendship under any circumstances.

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An acronym for Long-Term Relationship.

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A feminized, pussy-whipped loser who apologizes for the bad behavior of women, and actively seeks their approval hoping he can get into her pants. He’s nothing but an ill-informed PUA spitting a highly ineffective bastardized form of game.

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A jolt of genius that starts at the b~~~~ and proceeds directly to the brain.

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Plural: Men Going Their Own Way.

Singular: Man Going His Own Way.

GYOW = Going your own way.
GMOW = Going my own way.

Example: “I have been GMOW for a few years now…”

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A woman who denies a man’s request to be treated like a man.

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A man who honors a woman’s request to be treated like a man

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Monkey Branching

Women don’t let go of one branch ( man ) … until they have a really good grip on the next.

Mentioned in the film “Mission Impossible II”.

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Men’s Rights Activist. Different from a MGHOW, an MRA actively strives to reverse the grossly unfair anti-male bias in the divorce & anti-family court system. Where a woman can legally drop all of her parental responsibilities off and her unwanted baby at the local firestation with no consequences and no questions asked (i.e Roe vs. Wade), there are men in prison – right now – who have been ordered to pay child support for children that are not theirs. MRAs seek to restore an equilibrium in the tragically skewed Western legal system where women have (and want) 100% “choice”, but fail to accept (and don’t want) 100% responsibility.

MGTOW practice prevention: i.e. Never sign a marriage contract and the problem is solved.

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The perfectly rehearsed deflection “Not All Women Are Like That!!!” very often heard from women whenever any man criticizes the very real actions and behavior of the female collective. Not to be confused with a valid argument, NAWALT is used to pull focus and conversation away from the actions and behavior of 99% (or “most”) toward the 1% in an attempt to get you to think in terms of the lowest common denominator. Read more on understanding generalizations.

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NT Response

New Testament Response. Like Jesus, a man may offer unconditional forgiveness, crawl up on an emotional cross and die for a woman’s relationship sins. (See Beta Male and White Knight). This is the opposite of an OT Response, or Old Testament Response.

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Omega Male

The bottom of the barrel loser. A David Futrelle. A Manboob. The kind of failure who couldn’t get a woman’s attention if his life depended on it. Men disrespect him, and women are not even aware of his existence.

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Pronounced like the name of a disease. “One-Eye-Tiss”. The delusion that one woman is different, special, and therefore “the one”. Oneitis leads a man to pedestalize a woman without realizing this is an instant attraction-killer for her.

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The men who circle around thanks to your wife or girlfriend’s sexual gravitational pull, just waiting for the opportunity to crash into her womanly crust. If he’s a beta male, you have nothing to worry about because he’ll likely burn up in her “lets just be friends” atmosphere before he reaches her surface. If he’s an alpha male, go ahead and shake the hand of the man who’ll be f~~~ing her the moment you’re out of the picture – if not sooner. She’s keeping him around for a reason, and he knows it.

If anything, be orbited instead, unless you’re a MGHOW who is secure in himself enough to not give a damn about “social proofing”.

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OT Response

Old Testament Response. Like the ancient God of Israel who would open up the earth and swallow a man to the pits of hell, leaving his children to starve in the wilderness while his wife is gangbanged by the warriors from two tribes over, the Old Testament Response to a woman’s infractions brings nothing but Holy wrath. This is the opposite of NT Response, or New Testament Response.

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A myth. The fabricated universe in which women as a whole maintain they are “victims of male oppression” while being 100% free to roam, vote, eject their parental responsibilities without a second thought or consequence… and even steal property they never earned. If you were born into a society made up only 10 men and 10 women, and one of those men invents the airplane, the internet, or compose a symphony… the women would still pretend they are “oppressed” victims of a cruel male-dominated culture – even while they enjoy more rights, freedoms and basic liberties than any other class of human being on the planet, which countless men before them paid for and provided with their own lives.

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The state of slavery or position of slave. Men Going Their Own Way recognize the expected “manly” roles in society are that of a disposable slave who exists only to serve. Media personality Bill Maher also once described the unmarried man as “the escaped slave”. Accusations of being “weak and cowardly” and the implication that self-sacrifice makes a man a “hero” are age-old transparent tactics employed to attempt to drag men back to the plantation.

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A man who has mastered the art of getting sex from a woman without having to give resources in return, or a woman who has mastered the art of getting resources from a man without having to give sex in return.

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The act of having a sexual relationship with anyone outside of the bonds of Holy Matrimony. While the definition of promiscuity is the same for men as it is for women, the ease of access and the resulting consequences are vastly different for the two sexes, which often leads women and beta males to the false assumption that there is a double standard.

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PUA (Pick Up Artist)

A man who subscribes to the concept of “Game”. Click here for a list of PUA terminology, and here for a list of PUA acronyms.

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Rationalization Hamster

A creature which lives in a woman’s brain, and feverishly spins the hamster wheel which helps her rationalize and justify her thoughts, behavior and actions regardless of how counterintuitive they may be. No amount of logic or reason can stop the hamster from spinning. Coined by the blogger Roissy. Her hamster will (for example) become apparent when she REFUSES to acknowledge the possibility that a man is simply not interested in her. She will convince herself “he’s a jerk” or “he must be gay” rather than accept the truth. The dialogue in her own head has no place in reality. The hamster also convinces “strong and independent” women who openly declare they “don’t need a man” (while simultaneously seeking one) that men are somehow “intimidated” by them . . . instead of accepting that she is best left to be “strong and independent” on her own for as long as possible. Preferably forever.

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Real Man

The hive/female definition of any male who is expected to make himself available to be treated as a utility, disposable tool, ATM machine, sperm donor or human wallet. Any man who refuses to be treated this way is generally regarded as “not a real man”, and should be prepared for an avalanche of shaming (i.e. “you must be prepared to drown on a sinking ship and ensure female comfort and convenience – even at the cost of your own life – else you are not a real man“). Most commonly used to describe any man who has not yet shackled himself to a female, or one who is seemingly immune and unaffected by her charms, looks or manipulations. This confuses the female to no end. So much so, that she will now attempt to convince herself that he is not even male

. However, the true definition of a “real man” is any human being born with XY chromosomes. The remainder of that definition is entirely up to him – and nobody else. Especially a woman, because she has zero concept or understanding of masculinity outside the scope of what she thinks he “should” do for her.

Even Caitlyn Jenner is still a “real man”. He’s just an artificial woman.
We trust this will clear up the confusion for those who don’t understand the basics.

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Red Pill / Blue Pill

The “Red Pill” is direct reference to a scene from the hugely successful 1999 film “The Matrix”, and symbolizes a preference for truth – no matter how painful it may be. The protagonist “Neo” (Keanu Reeves) is presented with a choice to continue living in the “blue pill” world that is pulled over his eyes to blind him from the truth, or to take the “red pill” with no other incentive offered – except the truth itself.

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland…. and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Heavily inspired by Lewis C. Carroll’s novel “Alice in Wonderland” including direct reference to “the white rabbit”….. Alice’s journey is about a girl who falls asleep and tumbles into an alternate and skewed reality by accident, and she awakes in her previous life. The Matrix story is the reverse. Neo (male) makes a conscious choice to journey to the real world and “wakes up” to discover his own stream of consciousness – ultimately realizing his full potential.

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Usually overheard in a sentence like “I want a relationship”, this is the silly female idea that some unmarried man (whom she often hasn’t even met) should be interested in not banging other chicks and paying for everything. She will automatically expect him to be sexually faithful, even when he is not married (and even when she refuses to put out) while conveniently forgetting exactly WHY he is not married. A scenario she pre-imagines in her head in which everything is done with HER best interest above all other things – while you are expected to fill a pre-conceived role of “provider” even when she has made zero effort to earn what she expects. Your needs, dreams and desires are a non-consideration and totally irrelevant, and everybody knows it. It is common for a female to expect such “commitment” and displays of costly devotion, while giving her affection away for free to someone else who is not remotely invested in her. Also known as a “relations~~~”.

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Sissy + Pimp = “Simp”. A classic simp thinks he has hit the jackpot but is actually being played, and is oblivious to how he allows himself to be treated like wallet. May also appear cool, in control and even indifferent when around his friends… but with the female he is whipped beyond belief.

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Acronym for Social Justice Warrior. Delusional plebs operating online who believe they are making a difference in the world by tweeting an image, or creating a hashtag.

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Any woman who gives a man complete sexual access without first securing proof of that man’s commitment to providing ongoing resources – regardless of how frequently or infrequently she engages in such behavior. For the male version of a slut, see White Knight.

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The Sexual Market Place. The zone where male / female sexual and inter-personal relations take place.

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Sexual Market Value. i.e. When a person is seen in public with an attractive and charming partner, their “SMV” goes up, meaning they become more attractive to other potential partners. But even more importantly, where a young man may begin early adulthood with a very low SMV compared to an attractive young female, he will come to realize that he hasn’t even BEGUN to understand that as long as he remains diligent, patient, true to himself and rigorously focussed on more worthwhile pursuits…. his SMV is almost certainly going to increase exponentially over time. This can be understood by anyone with an iota of common sense, and is beautifully articulated by a man in this one of many examples

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Noun or verb (“snowflaking”). A woman who tries to persuade a man that she’s somehow unique, different, or special by playing up her good girl resume and downplaying her bad girl resume. When used as a verb, snowflaking refers to the argument she puts forth to justify her claim. Coined by the blogger Solomon II.

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The act of reaching into a garbage can to secretly extract the sperm from a discarded condom in an attempt to fertilize herself and extort 216 monthly payments from an otherwise responsibly-behaved man. All without his knowledge or consent.

Guard your sperm like Fort Knox. There are no limits to what stunts a woman will pull with it.

Tom Leykis warns against sperm-jacking by recommending placing hot habanero sauce in the condom before discarding it to kill the sperm. This way, a slippery bitch will burn her own cooch instead of you. At least 4 cases are known where the woman attempted to bring charges against the man, but all were dropped because the condom (and sperm) were “his property”. One man received a settlement of $300K and phoned it in.

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Also referred to as an attention whore, the spotlighter works to ensure that every male spotlight in her theater is focused solely on her. Coined by blogger Solomon II.

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The Wall™

The irreversible point a woman’s life where she can no longer get away with the same bad behavior she got away with when she was younger. The more attractive she is, the more profound and devastating the impact. For as film legend Lauren Bacall put it so eloquently: “every beautiful woman dies twice”.

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Thousand C~~~ Stare

It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

A type of female shell shock (the thousand-yard stare of a soldier), the thousand c~~~ stare is dead-eyed, soulless, expressionless slutface in a delirium from having taken a few too many rides on the c~~~ carousel. Loosely defined as the look on a woman’s face that reveals spite, apathy, fatigue, and hopelessness all at the same time.

See also any Kylie Jenner selfie, often matched with a throaty LiLo voice, while also sullen, withdrawn and joyless.

The spite is because she is angry at the world for not having locked down a man because of her youthful indiscretions. The apathy is from being desensitized to sex. The fatigue is her being tired of the constant battle to get and keep male attention and having to resort to sexual favors earlier and earlier as she gets older. And the hopelessness comes from her knowing deep down she’ll never have a relationship of consequence with a man she loves and respects, who finds her tolerable outside of sex.

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An outwardly attractive female on the tinder “dating” application.

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The “Traditional Conservative” is an individual (or group) that advocates on behalf of cultural values and sex roles that previously existed and may have once worked. Traditionalists believe that tradition and custom guide man and his worldview. Classical Conservatism is a political philosophy emphasizing the need for the principles of natural law and transcendent moral order, tradition, hierarchy and organic unity.

MGTOW have a strong moral compass and are not automatic staunch critics of tradcon values. For example, it’s easy to agree children should be properly raised by two (male and female) parents…. but outdated concepts like “men go down with the ship” and declarations like “real men should ______ “ are wildly archaic in an era where “gender equality” is rammed down everyone’s throats.

MGTOW are also fully aware that traditional relationships & marriage have evolved to nothing but an anti-male business as a bottom line – shoving fathers and husbands out of their own families, homes, futures and fortunes. So a preacher of tradcon values can expect to get an earful within the current social and legal climate.

Example usage: “U.S. Former President Ronald Reagan was a well-known tradcon”.

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Verb. To perform an exorcism, and permanently eject, expel, and/or remove oneself from any presence of a Confrontational Unreasonable Narcissistic Tormentor.

Example Context:

“Dude, this C.U.N.T is really getting on my nerves.”

“See that little red button? Push it and UN-C.U.N.T.”

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White Knight

Any man who believes the sun rises and sets based solely on female approval. He gives a woman complete access to his resources without first securing proof of that woman’s willingness to provide ongoing sexual resources – regardless of how frequently or infrequently he engages in such behavior. A White Knight will fall over himself for female attention, affection and approval with ridiculous displays of “chivalry”, and will even make an offer to purchase her attention with a meal, favors, or even engage in male-bashing behavior. Having enough low self-esteem to think of his very life as disposable for female comfort and convenience, he believes he is “better” than other men who simply don’t LOWER themselves (or compromise their virtues) while kneeling for female validation and acceptance.

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Contrary to popular opinion and common misconceptions, a “whore” is not a woman who engages in promiscuous sex openly and freely. She does NOT have sex…. until (or unless) she gets something ELSE.

A whore deliberately withholds her affection and attention until some other unrelated price is paid or condition is met first. However, she can only be open for business for as long as she can convince a man that he wants (and needs) sex more than she does. As far as every whore is concerned, sex is something YOU should pay for, but not good enough for her to receive as a fair exchange. When a man figures out women are far more sexual than men – and she can’t pull this off anymore – her price plummets, and she gets furious.

Every woman who has withheld sex until some unrelated price has been paid (or condition is met) is a whore, and for many thousands of years, men have been willing to support whores since the beginning of time while having no problem with this mutual arrangement. However, the modern whore operates under false pretenses while pretending she is not

a whore. She will dress, behave, negotiate and even make efforts to look like one, while masking her motivations and rigorously denying she is a prostitute at all. And that’s a whore of a different color.

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Wow Just Wow

The standard s~~~lib/feminist go-to hissy fit and resounding admission of defeat in the marketplace of ideas.