Good Man Locator

Frustrated females across the western femisphere have been pummeling the internet, wasting bandwidth, and inconveniencing everyone with countless articles, videos, songs, and silly daytime talk shows claiming there are no “good men” to be found anywhere. As the very nature of the question suggests , they are absolutely convinced all men are bad.

One would think she would be resourceful enough to look for the answer herself, pick up a mirror and take a good long look at her own reflection.

But in order to stop their hamster brains from imploding, Men Going Their Own Way have created specifically-tailored technology invented by good men (in the way only good men can)…… and together with the good men at Google, we have been good enough to finally answer their desperate mating hoots. We keep hearing lies like “women are smarter than men”, yet they still lack the basic capacity, skills and desire to answer their own questions – or create technology to find solutions to their own problems.

Imagine annoying the s~~~ out of everyone around you – repeating the same question over and over again – like a housefly bashing it’s own head against the glass. You wish you could tell that stupid fly to find an open window, but that’s what women do best. Nagging. It’s their lifeblood. Even when she has no husband, no boyfriend, nor any other prospects, she will make videos of herself nagging half the human race on youtube on how all the good men should pay to feed her.

So you completely ignore the fly until it tires itself out and winds up dead on a window sill, and then you just sweep her into the trash. Simple. While she is off wasting all that energy accomplishing nothing, men emerge triumphantly having done all the work so women won’t have to. (Isn’t that called a “wage gap”?)

And we’ve even made it absolutely FREE!
(That’s called “being the better man”. That was invented by good men, too.)

So if you know any women who are still wondering “where did all the good men go?” anywhere on the internet, facebook, dating websites like PlentyofSluts, or (god forbid) in your social circle … just send her a link to this page, and put her out of her misery. We’ve even made it easy enough for a woman to use.

She simply enters her city (or even a street address), and we provide precise geographic locations of Good Men* within a 5 mile radius. Now, all she has to do is grab her fake Fendi, get off her lazy ass, and go get the good men she is screaming for. If she still can’t find a good man, then she is completely useless and can stop asking that stupid question…. because it’s now her own fault.