The Manosphere

Happiness is an eagle soaring through the air, because that’s what it was made to do; it worries not about the wind, because the same wind that creates resistance also gives lift. Happiness is a fish swimming in the water, because that’s what it was made to do; it worries not about strong currents, because the same turbulent waters that cloud its view also churns up sustenance. Happiness is a tree growing deep roots, because that’s what it was made to do; it worries not about its lack of freedom, because the same roots that hold it down also allow it to weather the storm.

Happiness is a man who protects and cares for his family, goes forth and conquers, gives of himself for a greater cause, and ensures his legacy – because that’s what he was made to do. He doesn’t fear resistance, turbulence, or commitment, because his masculine frame turns resistance into rise, finds sustenance in turbulent waters, and relies on the steadfast roots of commitment to provide stability for himself and safety for those he vowed to protect.

But today’s men are encouraged to meet resistance head on while being shamed for expecting lift. They’re told to “man up” and tough it out through turbulent waters while being called misogynists for expecting sustenance. They’re shamed into putting down roots in infertile hypergamous soil that offers no support, then are financially ruined and separated from their children when they cannot weather the storm.

And society wonders why these men walk away.

Play or be played: That’s the world the vast majority of men wake up to in the present day. For these young men, it’s not a philosophy or an attitude; it’s reality.

The companies they work for demand loyalty, but will fire them or lay them off without a second thought if profits dip one tenth of one percent.

The women they encounter demand attention, loyalty, resources and undue privilege, while offering very little in return. The natural hypergamous nature that once served them well in their quest to secure the best possible mate is now a sustained lifestyle bringing an endless pursuit of bigger and better. The average young woman today is less concerned about the number of quality men who would commit to her than she is about the number of men who retweet a photo of her breasts.

Young men today attend churches with pastors who demand they “man up” and support the church and its female parishioners, but that same church does nothing to cultivate an environment that encourages feminine strength. Sunday after Sunday they listen as the same Bible used to preemptively absolve women of all past, current and future transgressions is used to condemn men.

They have best friends from childhood who disappear six months after the wedding, because the new bride doesn’t want her hubby hanging out with single losers.

They have to pick up the tab for dad’s dinner, because his going broke trying to support mom, her new live-in boyfriend, and a 12 year old he’s not certain is even his. The young man watches as middle-management dad making $70k per year tries to crank the engine in his 11 year old car to no avail, and then has to give him a ride back to his apartment on the seedy side of town. The young man shudders as he realizes the father who “did the right thing” by sacrificing his life for his family can fit everything he owns into a 580 sq ft apartment with plenty of room to spare.

The young man has finally learned that men and women share the same inherent character flaws, but not the same consequences. He has sinned, and he has paid dearly. She has sinned, and she has been exalted.

He doesn’t hate his corporation; he hates the system. He doesn’t hate God; he hates what the church does in God’s name. He doesn’t hate women; he hates the unforgiving female support machine. He doesn’t hate feminists or White Knights; he hates navigating the environment they create.

That’s why there’s a Manosphere, and that’s why it’s growing.

Every day you can log on to any number of blogs to discuss how meeting the resistance of feminism gives rise to notch counts, how navigating the turbulent waters of society churns up the sustenance of independence, and how putting down deep ideological roots in the soil of personal responsibility can help you weather any storm life throws at you.

Men haven’t lost their need to find happiness by providing, protecting, sacrificing and conquering; we’ve simply discovered that providing for the modern feminist, working like a dog to protect a family that can be taken away at a moment’s notice, or risking our lives to conquer resources for some ungrateful women who claims she can do it on her own is an empty way to live. We haven’t changed the mission; we’ve changed the method. We now provide for ourselves and our immediate families, protect our interests, make selective sacrifices when the situation warrants, and conquer mountains of poon.

Men find happiness and purpose in the effort, regardless of who benefits from the effort. It took us a while to figure that out, and many of us still aren’t there yet, but we’re slowly coming around.

Welcome to the Manosphere; a place where we’re not afraid to call it exactly as we see it, turning betas into men is a group effort, no one is in charge, there’s no central theme, we can’t agree on a standard definition of anything, and we spend a good amount of time shooting flaming arrows at each other for no apparent reason.

To the casual observer, the Manosphere may seem like a disjointed collection of blogs and websites, but the Manosphere does not exist online; it exists in the hearts and minds of the next great generation of men. The Manosphere is the Big Bang of chaotic masculine disruption that will eventually bring into existence a new personal world of freedom for those who choose to be free.

It’s evolving and forming right before our very eyes.