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Tuesday February 26, 2019 8:26 PM
3 weeks 4 days ago

Decentralized Payment Processor BTCPay Adds New Invoicing Options

Decentralized payment processing service BTCPay Server announced a new service available through their platform on February 22, 2019: a way to request payments by simply sharing a URL, thereby streamlining many of the model’s existing hangups.BTCPay Server has been in the space since late 2017, serving as a decentralized payment processor that allows peer-to-peer transactions without any fees or third-party wallets. Using the updated functionality of Payment Requests, users will be able to generate URLs that allow people to request payments and produce documentation of the transactions, eliminating many of the inconveniences of most peer-to-peer bitcoin interactions.Payment processors have become integral to the crypto sphere, with several different models available., for instance, relies on the Lightning network to let users receive tips via a QR code, or even, still in development, over other apps. Bitwage also opened a marketplace this February, allowing freelancers to create bank accounts that will accept crypto assets as payment from a variety of sources. BitPay, another payment processor, has set record revenue numbers for the past two years, as well.All of these processors, however, are centralized for convenience. BTCPay Server, a decentralized option which was forked from BitPay’s software, wants to make crypto payment processing decentralized, and its new service, the initiative claims, will make this eve...