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Friday February 26, 2021 12:01 AM
5 days 15 hours ago

SOS Limited Brings Strong U.S.-China Management Into The Cryptocurrency Space

The explosive, global growth in the cryptocurrency space seems to be launching an increasing number of new and existing companies to "next-level status."Well-known companies such as Square, PayPal, Tesla, MicroStrategy, Overstock, Galaxy, Riot Blockchain, and Marathon Patent are just a few of the successful names currently in the crypto landscape.Some of the recent success stories in crypto are publicly-traded companies that pivoted their business models into the crypto space. SOS Limited plans on being the next major success.SOS Limited is a recent entrant into the cryptocurrency space. The company's chances for success are bolstered by highly accomplished Wall Street veterans combined with top Chinese talent.SOS plans to mine both Bitcoin and Ethereum. SOS also may be the first company to offer crypto insurance, crypto loans, and other crypto-related financial services in the months ahead.