Quite obviously, all modern women have gone insane, and will proudly advertise they they have “More Issues Than Vogue” (magazine). See photos below. It’s not that they eschew logic (actually, they are quite good at coming up with the silliest rationalizations)…… they simply spend the lion’s share of their efforts seeking out insane situations, engaging in insane behaviors and basically destroying themselves and anyone stupid enough to allow them the tiniest bit of say in their lives.

“Why is thinking something women never do?
Why is logic never even tried?
Straightening out their hair is all they ever do….
Why can’t they straighten out the MESS that’s inside?”

– My Fair Lady | Best Picture, 1964

The solution is equally obvious: don’t give them even the tiniest bit of say in your life. When we say tiniest, we mean it. No matter what they ask for, no matter how innocuous, you must say no to it. You must never ask them for anything, even the simplest, most smallest thing. If you want something from them you must tell them to give it to you. Although you say it nicely, it must be a command. The very second they say no to you, you need to dump them.

It’s sad to say, but that’s what it takes just to prevent a woman from ruining your life, which she will do 100% of the time if you don’t do this. A woman can and will move on, eventually to find someone who will let them ruin their life for them. Not enough men know about this yet, although many more know about it today than just a few short years ago. Eventually, most men will know it and women will have few to no options for this. They will have to change or do without. It will start with relationships first. Few to no men will get married each year and a great many men will seek wives from outside cultures. Next, these same men will look at women in the work place and ask, “Hey, do these female employees have merit?”. You’ll find few women being promoted unless they can do the job. Last to change will be the courts, as more and more, it is discovered that MOST of the female issues in court are based on lies. Most rape cases….lies. Most alimony/child (mommy) support based on lies. It will become very common for courts to assume a woman is lying about certain issues…..especially with regard to non-stranger rape and almost everything with regard to divorce.

However, it all starts with one simple word: “NO”. No is the magic word that will protect you from women — today. No, we won’t get married. No, you can’t move in with me. No, I don’t want to meet your parents. No, that kid isn’t mine. No, you can’t have any money. No, I just don’t want a monogamous relationship.

No. No. No. No. NO.