For your peace of mind, we would like to ensure that under no circumstances will your email be shared with (or distributed to) anyone. Your privacy is extremely important, and we’re not kidding. Since the site allows user contributions and posts, it’s strongly recommended you don’t share your email publicly when posting.

Joining only requires an email address which is the only unique & reliable identifier for our users. We ask for no other identifier. Since you are permitted to change your “display name” anytime, your login is always your original registered email. There are no “name” fields, so you are not required or encouraged to use your real name, nor submit any other personal information, address or phone number.

We do not know your password. It is stored in an encrypted hash. You may reset your password anytime and the previous reset limit has been lifted. We also recently removed the forcing of very strong passwords when resetting. Once you are logged in, the account/settings page permits you to change your password.

Users may voluntarily enter their city (or country) on their profile card to let other users know where they are located – purely for interests sake and no other reason. It is nice to know when someone is from another country so that we may translate our communications into their native language. We strongly encourage an international community as we are multi-lingual ourselves.

Naturally, some basic and general information (such as browser type, device, and IP address etc.) is occasionally logged along with any submissions for visitors & statistic purposes, and these are essential for gaining a general knowledge of our audience. It also assists in debugging , depending on what browser/device you’re using.


We are very pleased to have made a significant move to HTTPS for 256-bit verified secure encrypted communications so that you may visit us confidently. Using https:// when linking to ( or referencing ) anything is always recommended.


We do not store (or set) any “cookies” or store preferences in your browser from any page on our website. For logged in members, a server-side session is created for your visit. For visitors, a temporary session is created. This makes it possible for you to bookmark “favorites” for later. Visitor favorites expire and are temporary. Member favorites are remembered and manageable by you.

The forums (will) have a cosmetic preference allowing you to choose and remember a display mode. “Day” or “night” mode – or other. This is stored in your profile data instead of a cookie. In all other ways, we do not use cookies for tracking or storing anything. Some 3rd party plugins may use a cookie for an express purpose, but we do not.

Deleting Your Account

“Delete my account” is a new ability for all members and is currently being introduced. Unlike other social media websites, it is also permanent, and non-reversible. Deleting your account completely removes your registered email, all user metadata, and any trace of what is on your profile.

The self-delete feature will be first available for new members who are forums spectators, and then new members who are participants. It will run for a few days , and then we will make the feature available anyone who wishes to do so.

Account deletion attributes any existing forums posts to “anonymous” making no association to any specific member once your profile is removed. If you have intention to delete your account, it is recommended that you do not post, or make any content submissions.

No Mailing lists or Newsletters

As yet, we have never kept (or collected) a separate “mailing list” of emails, nor sent any mass newsletters out. We respect our member base and leave it to you to return to find new additions at your leisure. Site-wide announcements are made via little “broadcast notices” which you may discover once you have logged in. They are very unobtrusive and short to keep members informed and/or direct your attention when necessary.


Currently, we do not serve any advertisements.

But in case that ever changes, Google uses cookies to serve advertisements. If a forums topic is on “marriage”, you may see an ad for “foreign brides”. If a forums topic is on cars, you may see an ad for trucks – or motor oil. We have no control over the ads you may see, but we have some limited control of the ads you don’t see. So we disallow certain ad categories like medication, and jewelry.

Google’s use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads based on your visit here and/or other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, users may opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting

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