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I am a 25 years old man from Brazil. I like playing videogames, listening to almost all types of music, watching movies, travelling and etc... I always fought to follow my own way. To be free. To do things only because I choose to do them. I want keep living in a way that I am in charge. I am a man in my own terms and I don't care at all about how people think I should live. I don't have to do anything I don't want to. I really believe with my very soul that we are way more than just animals and can choose how to live our lives. I found that the path to happiness lies in living the way you want.
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Looking to connect with like minded Brothers. Breaking free of the “matrix” of modern feminist western popular culture


I am a legally-blind eccentric middle-aged factory hand with hermit tendencies from South Australia.
Discovered MGTOW content on YouTube back in


A man who is not a woman's bitch and loving every second of it.


Purple Pill, 37yo, took red pill November 2016 joined MGTOW riggt before 20k members, still love pussy, live with my girlfriend, no kids, never married

Meow Mix

The Catman sends greetings to the "Meows Going Their Own" NPC troll and sock puppet forum.


It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!