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I am A young male in my late twenties. I am what I would consider A battle tested, hardened MGTOW guy. Without giving specifics ... I will say I have been surrounded by many females since the day I was born. I quickly caught on to their psychological traits and tactics. As I mapped out exactly how women operate, I became disgusted, and actually trained myself in MGTOW tactics even when I was A young boy, and MGTOW didn't exist. I was unaware MGTOW existed until just last year, needless to say I was quite pleased to find out I was not completely alone. I feel I can give useful skills and tactics to MGTOW's that might have just started their journey into the Red-Pill community. I specialize in several things that can help nearly any MGTOW, including, but not limited to, gathering intelligence on female nature, evading female contact, eluding entrapment by females, counter-manipulation, as well as counterintelligence (Females attempting to gather information about you). I think of MGTOW as A way of life, I hope to act as A advisor for MGTOW's who would like to learn skills and tactics that will help make and keep them strong.
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The day I was born.
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Being surrounded by women my entire life has made me a wise Red-Pill guy.

If we listen to a female at all, It's no longer to find out if they're crazy, we know they're crazy, It's to find out what flavor.