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Greg Honda
Looking back it seems I was destined to struggle. Keep getting put down, keep comming back. Each time I think this is the end, time to give up, but something drives me on. Guess there's a lesson I need to learn before I can quit school. Time to rebuild my stolen and burnt out life same way I rebuilt my stolen and burnt out bike. Repair Rebuild Relaunch then ride journey's end.
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Looking to connect with like minded Brothers. Breaking free of the “matrix” of modern feminist western popular culture


I'm a retired attorney, and currently practicing gunsmith.


I grew up reading and practicing to be a good man. LTRs that wasted my money and my time showed me the painful truth of


Former military currently working in Education. Looking forward to retirement soon and then supporting the local economy on a much grander scale.

Ned Trent

quote: "Just because men's and women's genitalia happen to fit together then why are we supposed to spend the longest time of our lives together




I am here to learn as well as share with others. I will be honest and open with others as much as they are willing

Jan Sobieski

I am Jan Sobieski; fear my winged Hussars.


I am a 25 years old man from Brazil.

I like playing videogames, listening to almost all types of music, watching movies, travelling and

Northern Soul

Divorced and went MGTOW. Never looked back.


Men have made a fatal mistake by giving equal rights to women which those aren't ready to handle with.