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Was the textbook definition of blue pill for so long. Blue pill - guilty. White Knight - guilty. Mangina - guilty. I just didn't know better... MGTOW should be required reading for all men, it would have saved me from so much heartache. xW left after a couple decades to pursue a lesbian life - took along my two daughters (now 17/20) who I have seen for less than 10 hours in the last four years. I now know more about personality disorders and alienation than I ever wanted to know... my kids will be at least the forth generation spawned by this strain of evil. How I wish I could have saved them from it...
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Duke Togo

An everyman who was fooled into wanting things that were not in my best interests, now only interested in what I want and need, not


Looking to connect with like minded Brothers. Breaking free of the “matrix” of modern feminist western popular culture

MGTOW Knight

We, MGTOW have seen the world for what it is; a matrix. This matrix demands us men to capitulate to a system that sees us

Capslok Spelczech

"Magnum: [narrating] Fate has a nasty way of popping up and waving it's long, bony finger under your nose. Sometimes it's a


I'm only one more of the many many men who got shafted out of his property and finances and gang-raped out of seeing his


I Miss my daughter and that's all I have to say!