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I was born in 1967, tall (1,90 m), at age 49 still full blonde hair, blue eyed, Caucasian, soft deep voice, mechanically skilled, physically strong, well earning, thick 17 cm cock, licensed electronic technician, self-employed and successful company owner, completely debt free house owner... A quiet and thinking personality. As a "highly gifted“ child: Never had a long term girlfriend. Never married, of course... Later on - they always left instantly when they saw my 35000 piece CD and LP collection... A 25.000 Euro stereo system and a room full of electronic test equipment was the second effective repellent. 3 big satellite dishes and multiple car restoration projects in the garden (with a little forest around it all) completed my "immune system" against "nest-buliding“ princesses. And my "up front" reluctance to give up any hobby and throw it all away... And everything else I have and own - including a 50000 Euro car - was not good enough, not big enough and not nice enough for the women I met. Even if they came from "the poor side of town“. So I never did anything to please them or become their slave or ATM. But knowing that I am in the top 15 percent of males made me laugh everytime the "gold diggers" criticized me to hell. Most of them left, and then tried to come back - realizing that "my grass would be greener“ than that of all guys they met after me... But I just grinned and told them: "You told me so clearly that I am "no good“ in a relationship... Just stick with what you said..." And it made me so proud to see them leave with a sad face and their teeth clenched... Seeing them walk away like that was better than the loveless sex they gave. For the record: I was raised by 3 cynical and choleric "borderline“ women: Mother, Sister & Grandmother and they also incited the dozens of women of the whole village as an instrument to "break me“... 23 Years of bitching, yelling and destructive criticism made me love my music and skills more than that family... They also tried "physical violence“ but stopped when it became too dangerous because of my retaliations. Back then I was making scary technical and chemical experiments to let all of the bitches know that they don't – and will never - own me. But the constant complaining, nagging, yelling, swearing and bitching was my (and my daddy's) life-long soundtrack. These women never gave any thought to the fact that it was me "the little son“ that was having good grades in school and did all the repairs thus saving the family ten-thousands of Euros over the years. Even very complex repairs, like TV-sets and the injection system of the car... Or painting and maintaining the entire 3-apartment house during my summer school vacations: Nothing was ever appreciated. Nothing was ever good enough. Only impatience and criticism came my way. I only kept going to save the family from ruin. Years before that, my father sometimes exploded in rage, destroying the furniture of the whole apartment in just a few minutes... When he was alone with me for a while in 1981, we suddenly got along just fine. So I knew who was the detonator and the fuel for the permanent conflict in all these years... To cut a long story short: I learned that lesson. Never become a degraded slave. Having known hundreds of bitchy and very unpleasant women as a child I became well afraid of getting "one of their neurotic daughters“ one day. I might have wanted children in my life - but not under these terrible sacrifices. Walk tall, walk straight and proud... be the best at whatever you do. Don't let women take you down. Never let them own a polite, capable and wealthy man, they will destroy him... Drive an expensive car - with dirt all over it - and don't give them a ride... Later in professional life I got to know thousands of women in my pool of customers... None of them gave me any "hormone thrill“ in 18 years. But knowing how to deal with them was my secret "leading edge“ in business. Nobody in the same branch matched my income... I can read their faces like a schematic diagram. Once they "turn 40“ you can see in their disillusioned faces "what they haven't achieved“. My customers sometimes asked me how in the world can I run a company this size all by myself? I said: No woman, no cry... … Nobody takes away my energy, focus and concentration, … Nobody is there to ruin me by dismantling my morale or scrapping expensive cars, … Nobody is jealous about my business and permanently tries "to pull the plug on me“... I said it is easier to run a company like Coca Cola than it is to please a woman at home... It must be easier to make a billion Euros on the Stock Exchange as well... So – in all these years it was easier and cheaper to take 1000 Euros each month to restaurants and diners to get a warm meal... And coming home to a warm, peaceful and bitch-free place at night.
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My Childhood - after 1976
Joined August 16, 2016
Man Castle of Smurf Village County

I have a whole industrial size "Clinic Pack" of Red Pills:
My entire life story can be found here:
Here is the short version:

When I die, scientists will probably find a "MGTOW chromosome" in my DNA...

Mentally and physically surviving the calculative coldness, recklessness, ruthlessness, thoughtlessness, disloyalty, dishonesty, ignorance, impatience, superficiality, stupidity, brutality and selfishness inherent to 85 percent of women.

But I still do not hate them. They are there and here to stay. Like nuclear waste without a sealed lead container around it: If you get too close, you are bound to die slowly but with excruciating pain and agony...

Although most women don't have any creative hobbies or own interests, they do not tolerate, respect or appreciate anything that a man owns or whatever that he has mentally achieved, studied and professionally applied. Even if the things - that these women perceive as stupid and useless - have made that man nice, handsome, tender, caring, happy, wealthy and socially respected in the first place: They want all the tolerance and freedom for themselves, without giving anything in return.

Most women love their pets and/or horses (!) more than the people around them. The "Queen of the House" sometimes allows pets to do things unimaginable and unbearable by mankind... At the end of the day a man has the choice of moving out or sleeping with a military grade "level 3R-atomic-war-gasmask" on his face.

For example: Their smelly and noisy pets are allowed to scratch and eat up a man's house, urinate in his car or his 10000 Euro amplifier-system, and he is expected by his wife to find it amusing and not to get mad about it... While she goes out to get a third cat...

Everything that goes wrong is always "the man's fault". Women never do anything wrong, and if they do get caught, they would never apologize or even try to change their behavior the tiniest bit. In every way, the man always gets the blame and feelings of quilt for everything that happens. And that "blame shame" then gets manipulatively spread out all over the city: Friends, relatives, teachers, state agencies, customers, employers and whoever can cause that man serious trouble.

If a man consists of 99 percent "positive qualities", they get completely ignored, devalued, taken for granted and "played down", even in front of others. And the remaining 1 percent will be used to crucify and demonize him. (Own experience).

They also have the expectation and feel entitled to take complete control over his entire house or apartment, throwing out all of his dear belongings "for aesthetic reasons" and then requesting all the money from him to turn his place into a castle-like white marble palace.

Same applies, if his V70 Volvo or his Porsche is too old... And she needs a brand new Audi Q7 to take the kids to school - to show off to her peers "what gold she digged up"... (Own observations in 18 years of customer service and own refusals...)

Everything is fine - as long as the man never says "no" and delivers all of his money and resources to her. Being a successful company owner makes that man attractive only as long as his money flows... That is: Until that man might have the "slightest economic problem". Even if that problem is not the man's fault: Like a 3rd party inflicted accident or an on-the-job contracted illness... She will leave that man in an instance and without any empathy.
Men marry in good times expecting to also have somebody at their side when the going gets rough... This is an illusion. Again, there are women who stay with their men in hard times, but these loyal women account for only 20 percent of them. (Source: More observations from over 18 years of time within my 4000 customers)

Women "never making mistakes" and "never apologizing for anything" plus "exploding in rage when politely notified of something unfavorable that they are doing" fills a BIG book.

Experiencing this behavior since my birth - with a statistically significant number of women "beauty-shop-customers" - is what made me a MGTOW when I turned 9. I was a child "going his own way" because the insanity around me was way above the pain threshold. Like putting out real fires created in family fights. Women can be 10 times more violent then men, even physically torturing a baby-boy with the result of a "toddler going MGTOW" and retaliating effectively against a sister that was 8 years older than me and kicked me around like a football at age 3. And getting applause from other lunatic women.

In my entire youth I was faced with having almost hundreds of women around me attacking and threatening me verbally wherever I went. All of them were convinced by the 3 women of my family that I was a „retarded problem child“. Women were harassing and preaching me whenever and wherever they saw me.

Repeatedly – over many years - saying things like „If you were my son, I would beat the hell out of you all day“ "I would put you in a shelter" „You belong in jail“ „You will end up in prison“ „You will never get a woman“ „You ugly bastard“ „You are no good for nothing“ „Your mother made a mistake by bringing you into the world“ „We don't want you around, you are not our standard“ - plus a million more things that I never knew about myself.

My mother had incited these people against me. I was never in conflict with the law, went to the highest level school-type in my home country, then moving on the „A-Level“ after 13 years of school. Mostly good grades, especially in electronics, chemistry and the English language.

I successfully fixed TVs, stereos, entire cars, did all repairs and maintenance work on our house. I was the interpreter for our American tenants... Writing letters to state agencies... A young boy, that became the facility manager at age 11, doing all of the work that would have normally been the job of his parents...

But, because of my mother not being able to „command me around“ like a slave for every little bit of her housework she used her customers as a weapon against me. So I was the most „capable child“ but with the reputation of a criminal.

A shitty life on the edge of madness because of 3 women. And the dozens of stupid and uneducated village „household dragons“ that believed „her shit“ and as a result: They showed very me early in life how abusive and violent the standard woman is.

Only my father was proud of me. But they hated him too, without giving him any validation that he had the responsibility of repairing and maintaining the brake systems of a whole big city's bus transportation network... And without any faults in 20 years. He taught me to completely restore entire cars and get them through the German TÜV-inspection in just 1 appearance... But the useless bitches hated him too.

Psychologically, I was a disillusioned, betrayed, beat-up and run-down "male-divorce-victim" before I even became fertile...

Girls in school were non-existent to me. If I had "brought home" any girlfriend, all of my 3 borderline bitches would have tried to establish another "pussy connection". The result might have been having a 4th enemy at my back and then the same blame-shaming might have grown viral in my school.
School was the only sacred place where the village bitches had no access to. And so I was only the "technical freak" at school but everybody left me alone.

Women make you live in isolation. They set fire to your life and all you can do is: Build a wall between different parts or stages of your life. Having a peaceful and successful school time at the expense of having almost no friends.

Same things apply to business matter: Never give a woman access to your customer base, bookkeeping, patents, licences or any other important business relations. Never give her any opportunity to ruin your business. As a "public person" and businessman it is therefore best to avoid "private contact" with women completely. If they can't rob you by marriage, then they will try to make money with blackmail or false accusations...

So, my career took off in another location. Expelled from the „local society“ I became „my own way“ unlearning or not adopting anything that I was supposed to copy from parents or their surrounding social circles. Sometimes having to be around them, I feel like „Whoops, wrong planet“.

As I started to go to the university to study electronics, I got „hampered“ (smile) by people showering me with work and they also bombarded me with „tip-money“. I didn't have time to continue my studies nor did I have the opportunity to go on to attain the „master of craftsmanship“ degree.

Very many people liked what I do and how I do it - without the typical arrogance-psycho-bullshit many „achievers“ have.

A few years later I took over and bought an existing firm but had no degree... (I had money saved that I did not waste on women)

As a result, there was a „certified engineer“ on my payroll, enabling me to register as a „certified electronics sales, installation and repair company“ fully complying with the strict German craftsmanship-law and guidelines.

That craftsmanship-degree was then finally issued to me in 2007, without any further „school time“ because the state-craftsman-agency saw my references and achievements in work, development and leadership.

I became one of the last companies of my type that was not forced into bankruptcy by the advent of the big sales outlets, market chains or internet shopping. I held my income steady, and astonishingly: „At a very uncommonly high level“

Having turned my „fun-hobby“ into a profession that enabled me to make more money than most executives have... I was never unhappy or sad.

Having many people of the „high society“ as satisfied and returning customers I became very detached and uncaring whenever I met a women that would start to pull her shaming tactics and questionable controlling behavior on me. I had grown out of the hell that women had made my childhood to be. So - I will never return to the shitty and joyless life females can bring to a man.

In my job I could observe that there are almost no „happy marriages“ even in the upper society with plenty of money and resources around. So it must be a general problem of society. As a young boy I was just unfortunate to have a bitchy mother with too many „pussy connections“ with other unhappy women... (With my mother's beauty shop as the breeding ground for female disapproval)

In the 70s, beating up children for every little reason was the norm. Standing on the street you could hear from the 3rd floor down, whenever a child was being smashed in the face with bare hands or viciously slammed on the back.

And it was NEVER „the violent daddy“ hitting the child because almost all of the fathers were at work during daytime. But first you heard the slamming, then the screaming child followed by a yelling woman. Like I say: Through the walls and across many apartments.

I protected myself from the violence of women by telling them: If you touch me, I'll go and get some gasoline... And if they didn't believe me I took a small bottle out of my schoolbag and poured it on the asphalt, setting it on fire and holding my hands above it. Smiling and saying that fire is my best friend.
As I knew by then: Women are the real cowards, they would then beat up and yell at some other child „to loosen up“ their internal aggression.

A few days ago I heard about statistics that mothers beat up sons 2 to 3 times more often than daughters... I have nothing to add to that.

Today I actually became a man that in the past fearlessly put out small house and car fires with a smile, while other people stand around it and talk bullshit instead of acting...

In short: Women make boys do things that they normally wouldn't do. When people ask me why I don't drink and smoke I just say that I don't have a woman around that tortures me. No need for a painkiller. Seeing the hateful faces of the "local household bitches" and their daughters when they see my smiling face is something to bathe in.

In the past, they had even forbidden their daughters to talk to me at the bus stop...

Buying a safe car was a rational decision for a man with responsibilities. No accident shall put me out of my job... But that the same car - because of it's price tag - would suddenly make women turn their heads was just one more "turn off" for me.

Women now criticize me for my 16+ year old cars - instead of realizing that I have a "visible“ 23 year accident-free record. What would normally appeal to a protective mother – having a disaster- and hardship-free "family-father" – is suddenly turned into stupid criticism...

And seeing me drive like „in the movies“ leads to more stupid criticism. They never think: Why was that man accident free for so long... 36000 „incident free“ rides from and to customers' houses, in any weather...?

Yes, the man „good for nothing“ does not open up his bank account for somebody elses' spoiled and entitled daughter.

I had enough of the „current type“ of female nature to have lost appetite in them for life.

It goes as far as not being able to breathe freely if a certain type of woman is around me. Not because of fear but because of allergy against her eyeballing me all the time and commenting every little thing I do with cynical words from her sick psyche...

Everybody tells me: There is always the possibility of getting to know "a unicorn“ with a brain and a heart.

But how long is it going to take until „that special woman“ is bullied, misinformed, incited, excluded, sidelined and mobbed around by others till she starts hating me... 2 days or 2 years...?

So it is just not worth any further effort.

And this is now reflected from a self-made-man that has moved to a 6-figure income WITHOUT ANY HELP OF ANY WOMAN.

All of this is truly bad advertising for the "present psychological state of health" of women as such. I'm speaking in general, exemptions to the rule do - of course - exist.

To be honest, I became a Junior-MGTOW at the age of 5, when I started to read the newspaper. Detaching my soul from my inner being is what kept me healthy. no psychosomatic illness ever got me. I became a "lotus flower": Staying pretty and healthy while all of the put-downs and negative criticism just rinsed off of me. Women can't take a smart man and so a toddler with communication skills of a grown man will make them show their ugly face.

Good for my inner peace was that the husbands of our "beauty-shop-customers", mostly bankers, executives and CEOs loved talking to me and would almost always take me for a walk. One even wanted to adopt me at age 4... So I let 23 years of female bitching pass by me as just "to be ignored" and when over: NOT to be refreshed by getting married. Never put a ball and chain on me again: AWALT.

From getting criticized and blame-shamed 24/7 as a young man I went to getting chased and desired by gold-diggers for the last 20 years.

A few of them "got through to me" became close "girlfriends" and after they started to think of me as their future property - I saw that they had the same traits and red flags as all other women.

That life-long "voyage across 2 social layers" gave me a pretty nasty but clear insight on what most women are really like...

While I stayed the same. Treating everybody equal. Being like "Dale Carnegie" before even having heard about him. I didn't have to take "self-development courses" just to learn how to treat people with dignity.

Joining the MGTOW-Movement is now one necessary step ahead, that means health, freedom, wealth and happiness for every man who wants it. Even if it might get lonely sometimes. But being stepped on and guilt-shamed 24/7 is a lot worse - and definitely not on the menu for a self-made man.

"Solitude Standing by choice" is the high-security-lock on a man's heart that has the code: "love me as much as I love you" + "show the same interest in me like I have for you" + "treat me like a human being" + "don't make fun of me, my company, skills and my elaborate professions in front of other people" + "show the same empathy and natural respect that I have for you + hit "ENTER" on the keypad - and the lock will pop open all by itself.

This is actually knowledge taught in expensive training courses and audio books like "How to marry a millionaire"... Quote: "In order to marry a millionaire, you must first become someone that a millionaire would want as a partner..." Most self-made-men have walked over stony ground and have gone through some hard times to become someone or build something up from scratch. Most of these men will recognize anyone wanting to destroy them from a mile away. That is why all the good men are "currently out of stock": They rather invest in fast cars and luxury items than get emotionally beaten up and economically exploited every day...

If a woman says: "Where have all the good men gone" - The answer is easy: "Women-Mothers have raised their sons to become failures". No, they are not failures, they have just reacted and became numb as well as immune to the psychopathic bullying and the "constantly being put down" by their mothers and sisters... And today's women/girlfriends were also taught their princess-entitlement-behavior towards men from their mothers - and follow that path in their own lives - and in turn get the same results with their current boyfriends or husbands...

Tell me if I'm wrong... All of these statements are approved and complemented by many of my female friends that achieved a highly professional status and have real responsibilities in their lives. The most impressive statement is - quote: "The way women behave today, there is no wonder why most men don't take them seriously anymore".

Why I don't hate women as a whole?

Because there are very many women out there that are good hearted human beings and perform well in their jobs, or are good in whatever they do. Yes, 15-20 percent were wonderful and "easy to work with" customers.

One more reason not to be hateful: Up to the age of 8 to 9 girls are very nice companions. I had many girlfriends up to that age. Then their parents gradually "downloaded new society belief system software" to their brains and they slowly but surely became what they are now,

So it is not the "computer hardware" but rather the faulty software running on it that renders it completely useless, dysfunctional and dangerously unreliable.

In consequence we are rather looking at a general "society problem" than a simple gender or race issue...

That is why ALL above statements can also apply to boys and men - but they are - from my observations - definitely in the minority. Men are - for the most part - the oppressed and exploited victim in today's relationships...

I lost or avoided almost all of my "Red Pills" before they could poison me. Three of "my girlfriends" told me "up front" - but after weeks of intimacy - that they don't want to be with me because "your life is too perfect, without problems for me to solve (and bitch about)" and that "you are too smart for me (I can't control you)" and that they "feel inferior and bored besides me (They can't interact because they only think about themselves and their tiny little lipstick-world)".

Yes, because I don't fit into their "tight thinking patterns" nor fall for their "low-intellect-mindgames". On the other hand, they never complained about the physical side: All girlfriends wanted to keep my body, especially the reproductive organs - and of course: The car, house and credit card... Being "too smart" - no, rather: "psychologically and mentally balanced" - as well as "educated" (independent) and being able to feel "love" (that they could not give back) always threw me under the bus...

One also said (in today's words): I can't handle that you are a strong alpha as well as a smooth and successful beta... But that was needed for my job...

A proud and upright man cannot turn into an „asshole“ just to trigger the sexual appetite of a „flakey chick“. I rather have no chick at all, than becoming someone who is no longer able to stand in front of the mirror. Any authentic man will never "go that far down" risking his good business reputation by pretending to be "that thug type" that women like, just to get some appeal. For me, "money" took over that gap but I repelled all gold diggers with a smile on my face.

That is the strangest thing: I cannot have sex without some real love and affection, so the few encounters that I had "were real" and that's why these ladies wanted to keep my body and my cock. They never saw or appreciated that: I never had any "chicks on the side"... No constantly ringing cellphone...

And no need to lie about anything... No debts or liabilities... Nothing that would make a woman jealous or afraid of anything.

But then they became jealous of my company...

Moral of the story: nothing is ever going to be good enough. So why worry. Don't even think about doing anything to please women. And that is the problem women created in men this way. 40 years ago there would have been some "level of threshold" in the satitsfaction of a woman's constant materialistic needs. That is why marriages in those days were not quite such a disgrace as they are now. But today - after constant brainwashing by commercial TV - there is no limit left,

What happens if a goal - satisfying a woman - becomes unreachable? People stop trying. Today: Men stop trying and stop wasting their hard-earned money on this "unreachable goal". It's like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

Through all of these insights: A 3rd-stage MGTOW had become of me, that will "take what comes around" while never having kids, never making promises or financial commitments above 100 Euros... And when being "Friend-Zoned" I have some kind of timer on me: I play that game for a short time and when it becomes obvious that I am only a repairman, taxi or "service provider", I am gone. This "time window" can range from a few hours to a couple of weeks but I never give away "extensive craftsmanship" or valuable gifts. In 18 years, it was never possible for a woman to get an antenna-system installation or a new TV-set for free.

And when a lady suddenly happens to be "my girlfriend": I am expecting 24/7 to be on the "ejector seat“ - getting replaced any moment the next prospect of the cock-carousel arrives. I always grinned and felt "funny enlightenment", when I was replaced by a thug a lot younger than me.... Taking this as a deep internal compliment: Meaning - I was able to make love like an alpha but at the same time having a tender and caring christian "beta mindset", that they could not understand nor handle... Or simply put: They were afraid of intimacy.

That put a real emotional strain on me, especially when I started having real feelings for these ladies: First being selected for the optics and physical attributes by a woman that normally wants "alphas" - Then she ditches me a few weeks later for my "incompatible" brain and heart...

Or she wanted me to be a submissive beta and then was afraid of my strong alpha-part.

I just learned that this is normal with women that have a „Narcissistic Personality Disorder“ and „Borderline Personality Disorder“ at the same time or in varying strengths...

They live under a cover of low self-esteem, unhappiness and lies. And they are afraid of strong "alpha“ personalities that might "blow their cover“ or "see right through them“. That is why smart, analytical men are completely ignored and hated by these 80 percent of women.

It's clear to see: Smart men will detect lies and as an example: They have the capability to secretly put a GPS device on a cheating woman's car.

Or a highly sensitive person will even smell the past presence "of another man“ in their house hours later... Or find hair in the car that they've never seen before...

I would even see foreign fingerprints on all of my things, and also remember any slight changes in the settings of my appliances. Making cheating impossible to hide... (Her "secret lover" would have to be a ghost)

These NPD and BPD women get scared like hell when they see my memory-capabilities... Like: "Oh, 2 years ago, you told me exactly... ...I remember New Year's Eve of 1979.... and in late 1974 I was...“

This is making dishonesty and lying to me foolish... Women reserve themselves "the right to lie anytime about anything" and this is why they feel intimidated by my presence. (They told me so.) This turns even the best gold diggers away.

"Empowered“ women or "flakey chicks“ unfortunately make up 80 percent of all females in the Western World. With the "East“ rapidly catching on.

As I have read: They leave a trail of disastrous damages and traumatisation in the soul and psyche of good men. Many men who managed to get away from one of those will be going down MGTOW road for the rest of their lives.

I know many men personally that escaped from the claws of "flakey chicks“ and are not coming back.

MGTOW means: All this - that fills a very big book - will never bring you down or deflect you from any goal that you may have in your life. As a successful and free man, you remain "prettier" and "younger" for more years than haunted married slaves.... And that's why you will always have women coming, even if they leave quickly upon realizing that they cannot trap and keep you...

But if you ever get married, they will "take you down", because they get that power by law... Even if the motive is jealousy: You have achieved something in your career and 4000 customers "give you unwanted attention" wherever you go... And that might be a reason for her wanting to see you fall (I have to live like a "pop star" in my business area, meaning "always on duty" when I show up in public).... Most of my girlfriends did not want to be seen next to me, because of that "constant approaching" people do to me. All the attention goes to me and they get ignored, which is what women hate the most.

So there is also some truth about the expression "It's lonely at the top".

What is also very comforting to me are many books with scientific statements that it is "almost impossible to find a compatible partner for a "highly gifted" or "highly sensitive" person". (OK, understood, and topic "written off" - no further need for females to throw rocks and shame at me)

So "smartening up" is the best "active filter" or firewall against 85 percent of these narcissistic "gold diggers" or just to scare away women that want to take power over their man...

Again my observation and experience: Women who normally take any man at any social level suddenly turn into gold diggers, when they see a successful alpha-like man. Sometimes asking outright: What kind of car do you have...? My sure-fire-answer to confuse them: It's 16 years old, makes big black clouds behind it... But you surely don't want a ride with me going 200 Km/h on a normal country road.... Do you? And then tell them what SW-Version runs on the "ECM"... And after telling them everything they don't want to know... Explain the makeup and meaning of the Body-Serial-Number to her... That is how a proud and non-sex-craving nerd handles this type of girl with a smile on his face...

Again: Driving like a "mad alpha" with worn tyre-sidewalls but at the same time with the 23 years-accident-free-record of an ultra conservative beta... this is also a part of the MGTOW attitude: Going my own way: Learning to do things better, becoming an independent "thinker" and effortless perfectionist.

Life is easy, even at the top - including hundreds of responsibilities - if you are not chased around by a pressuring woman. Living and driving fast means:
Being in control, safe, artistic, danger conscious and "routine-educated"... Not reckless and stupid, like going too fast in bad weather or within cities and inhabited areas... Like a coyote: Smelling and sensing danger around the corner... Handling that hunk of metal like your own body....

And never let a naggy and uptight women co-driver distract you while driving - and make you cause an accident... That can be worse than any divorce...

Very important: Women will always tell you that you need their services in order to cope with all responsibilities in life. The energy they draw out of you by nagging and dismounting your self-esteem is far more than it would take you to become a millionaire... My life took off in 1990 on the day I closed the door to all bitches so I could focus on what really gets me ahead. Getting A-grades in school but leaving the washing and the dishes for later. That is what makes MGTOW life wonderful.

All this is why I will try to release all of my accumulated knowledge through the forums in the years to come...

Imagine: 85 percent of men would be "Men Going Their Own Way" - Something would definately change for the better.

And one more thing: (For any NAWALT possibly reading this)

The AWALT-Law:

Any NAWALT can permanently mutate into an AWALT within seconds.... So marriage can be considered worse than playing Russian Roulette.

The „almost scientifically researched“ MEGAPACK of Red Pills:

The proof that women are ONLY in it for the MONEY:

I happened to be self-employed in an exotic profession without visible social status and did not work in this rough business wearing expensive designer clothes...

I was regularly going to one restaurant near the building in which my company was located in. The time span was 18 years and so I can look back on a lot of events that gradually made me lose appetite on dating altogether. 85 percent of women are gold diggers plus whatever they are on top of it.

I was going there almost twice everyday eating, reading books, meeting friends, always drinking mineral water... And I was always „approachable“, as this is my personality and is also part of the job as a public salesman and service technician.

Whenever the manager employed a new female worker, she would normally not take notice of me or even be bitchy and unpolite in the first days. It was ALWAYS after they saw my thick wallet (with 3000 Euros on average in there) that they became a little more polite and quiet. Then there were the boss and another guy always giving them the lowdown on who I was and that I have a „beautiful house in the green“ and a company in the same street as the restaurant...

Click. What an instant change of behavior. They suddenly swirled and flirted around me. Mr. This, Mr. That... What have I done to deserve this... And they always changed their manners AFTER they were informed about „who I was“.

The same thing happened with regular female guests. First they were consistently ignoring me, while I was sitting there reading books, making intellectual discussions or talking to business prospects...

That was – of course - not attractive for women.

Many times these women would try to hit on the boss of the restaurant or the other men „in their class“ first. It mostly took a few days or weeks and rejections by these men for these females to start flirting with me...

Too Late!

With my type of „large“ and „public person“ - appearance I would have expected for a lady to at least „see me“ as a human being and have standard manners: Take casual notice of me, replying „good day“ after I friendly greet her, or looking me in the eyes for a second. Simply applying the same manners
I have towards everyone, rich or poor, young and old.

But no, they completely ignored me, like I was „air“ or inventory. That is until they found out „that the guy sitting there in the back makes more money than the „boss of the place“ they were hitting on“...

From one day to another they started not only to take notice of me but I was suddenly questioned „about me and everything around me“... Oh, what a change of pace... Is this phony or what?

Then sometimes someone told them that I am a „long time single“ and they turned up the heat. Like embracing and kissing me without warning. Other guys sometimes became jealous: „Why don't you take her?“ After explaining to all of my friends the reasons why I come to the conclusion that they are just „gold diggers“, I was no longer given advice like that. And it became sort of a funny and ongoing ritual for us observing how women start to behave once they find about me, being the only debt-free „single“ guy in the business street „with money in his pocket“.

Sometimes my friends saw more than I could see. Other times they overheard conversations these ladies had „about me“ in my absence...

And told me what they heard.

This has been going on for 18 years with the same pattern. Women always became interested in me after they were informed about my income-situation.

Being tall, blonde, blue eyed, clean, handsome, polite, helpful, patient, non-smoking, non drinking, intelligent and strong was completely irrelevant to all of these women. (Strong: I could even lift a 125 Kg girlfriend)

All of what makes me get paid twice as much than my competitors was definitely NOT what these women were looking for.

It was the money. That's why even ladies half my age were interested in me. Having observed all of this I was logically no longer in a mood to waste time or even money on them.

Running out of patience they would sometimes get straight to the point and ask me „when will you marry“ or more directly: „I'm looking for a man. Do you want to marry me?“

OMG. What money can do to people. There are witnesses for all of this...

The boss of this place is a tiny ugly man who cannot even read and write. Same age as me but no education whatsoever. But women were first hitting on him, expecting that his restaurant is a money well...

Till someone told them „who“ sometimes gives a 4 to 5 digit money loan to the boss to keep his place going... (I wanted to keep my little playground and canteen so I invested)

That is why I had to eat there so often. „Eating up“ the money that the boss of this place continuously owed me...

In my personal set of values I blanked out women completely that were hitting on him first or having had an affair with him or some other big mouthed and red faced alcoholic...

85 percent earned this „special tag“, and after that, these women could have moved the world around for me and I would have never even thought about having the lightest encounter with them. I could see their REAL preference: They made their choice and that was it. Actually, this way I could transperently see „who would still be fucking her“ while she lives off of my assets and in my house.

Men do sometimes have balls of steel.

Getting them „off of me“ was very easy: „You know that I spend all of my money on CDs, records, books, stereo equipment, cars and most important: The further development of my company“...

And then I checked upon the possibility of them maybe being interested in anything about me...

Tying to get a conversation on politics, history, business, music, technology, chemistry or psychology going was impossible. It bored them to death.

Here are some typical parts of such a conversation:

„Then why isn't SUCH A MAN already taken“ they sometimes ask. I say „Because women want a submissive and simple-minded but wealthy „creature“ that they can control, command and order around like a dog.

„You know, women hate me because they can't control me“

„There is no point in having power over me by putting me down or denying sex, love and intimacy. If a woman doesn't want me, she is free to leave. I hate mind games, as I have been exposed to them too many times before. I don't play shame- and psycho-games with my partner and I expect the same treatment“

„Whatever I am or how I look doesn't matter anyway. I was always replaced by men that I would not even let into my house“

And I always explain further: „I rather spend a 1000 Euros per month in restaurants than having someone at home yelling and bitching me around.“

After telling them how I survived the terror and mental violence of my youth... and that it was caused by hundreds of women... they give up on me.

So, at the end of the day, they were not interested in anything I could have given them. Except money and total control over me.

They would never realize that even the rest of my assets – given to them as household money – would have been more that the average guy brings home as a complete salary. And that I already have inventory at home that many others have to take a long term bank loan just to buy it...

Even „well married“ women will most likely not have 6000 Euros worth of high-end washing machines around...

Very sad, but they always want it all. And they want to tear your scalp off. All for them and nothing for the man. They want to take everything away that a man enjoys. Getting asked: „When will you throw out your useless 35000 piece music collection“ is an irreversible blow to a music loving man's heart.

Women don't even comprehend that a guy who was able to buy these many items in such a short time and without running into debt must be really successful and instead of being at least respectful of the money and the hard work done just to earn it...

...they call it junk, that needs to go „when you get married“... OMG, I heard this phrase from so many people all of my youth. What? I have to throw out everything when I get married? No way! May that woman embouchure me for a "quarter million Euros" then I throw it out.

Really? Society wants me to replace my softly playing wonderful music with the loud and loveless bitching of „somebody elses“ ego-manic, spoiled, (un)educated and lazy daughter... No way. Even if women have diplomas and degrees hanging on the wall, they are mostly only skilled in that field... And know mostly nothing about all other things in life... I can then only talk about the weather all day? Sacrificing everything "for the princesses' approval" and then having the nerves in asking me to care about her cats while they are destroying my place, scratching up everything and contaminating the air with urine and feces...

How "low" can you fall? Just to have a wet hole to put my pecker in. No: My "Monster-Energy-Can size" pecker is "out of passion and out of lust., Not by biology but by loss of appetite. And proud of "it", not letting me rule my thoughts and free will.

Yes, dick size is not important to 80 percent of women anyway, because they rather care about the size of a man's wallet. If it were important, then I would have gotten a harem against my will.

Women only complain about a man's genitals to put him down and make him feel small and intimidated.

That's probably why men get so obsessed about the size of their genitals... But take it from me: Women leave you no matter how well "you do them", if you don't give them a free ride for life. At least you may become "the backup boyfriend" if you are well hung...

And so I always give them a very scientific explanation: „Women see me only for my money but if they were to take away my hobbies, they would also take away my income, then having to leave me. So why get a woman in the first place? Just to destroy me? Am I stupid?“ „They shall better get a simple unskilled worker with a small and safe income and no personal profile“ „These men will then never have a mess at home because they cannot afford to buy things that „make a mess“. „So, count me out...“

That is why marriage and long term relationships are such a damn disgrace.

More and more intelligent and wealthy men „leave the market“. Even if their SMV goes up...

There is the rub. If it would have been possible to find a woman with real values and fairness I probably would have used the money that went into my music collection for raising a family. (A quarter million Euros, but that would never be enough to satisfy her anyway...) So I can prove to any feminist throwing rocks at me: "Come here and look: There is the money-equivalent of "a family with 3 kids" that never happened because women are mentally and physically abusive." No blame-shaming me as "someone who just brags"... Women who see my place become very quiet. Because they see - on the spot - that the money "they could have had" for their wonderful family nest "was really there" and was not spent on a family only because of the destructive ways and intolerable behavior most women have. I always explain this very calmly and they get pissed off at me immediately - and for no reason. That is all I ever got from a woman in my life so far anyway.

"See, that is why I love my music - and my peace".

And we - as a society - shall give more dogs, cats and smartphones to these narcissistic and borderline princesses that have to have total control and unlimited power over another living creature. May they live happily and get old gracefully - on their own - in empty rooms that don't have any ugly looking CD collection of an unloved man in them.

I would admire the type of woman who sees my place and says – with a gleam in her eye: „Wow, WE need to start a radio station with that“...

Entrepreneurship, a real sense of humor and positive thinking would be highly welcome!

It took 60 years for communism to fall apart, and now - also after 60 years - feminism seems to be at it's end.

MGTOW is actually a mindset that will be part of environmental protection. The world is overcrowded and over-polluted with chemicals anyway. Fact is that further population growth will lead to further destruction of nature. If the number of newborns decrease because of "wealthy men opting out" then it is actually good for the future of our planet. This way, the MGTOW movement will contribute to the genetic repair of the human race. If 80 percent of the fertile but "mentally retarded" population does no longer pass on their genetic legacy... That is technically a good thing. Nature has always "gotten it's way" and selective breeding - survival of the fittest - is now taking place. This is not an ideology but a fact. And it mostly happens when a population of any species gets too big or cannot adopt to changes.

And now go back to work - while the NPD-dinosaurs and BPD-dragons put on new make-up and lipstick.

[color color="DarkSlateBlue"]<i>:::::: #MANOUT - Uncunt the Mighty Vagina from your life and live as a free man - #ICETHEMOUT ::::::</i>[/color]

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