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I am a legally-blind eccentric middle-aged factory hand with hermit tendencies from South Australia. ------------------------------------------------------- Discovered MGTOW content on YouTube back in 2013 which is how I learnt that a lot of other men also avoided marriage and relationships like I did. -------------------------------------------- One of the most appealing aspects of the MGTOW communities is the possibility that a male-only space free from political correctness and not catering to women's feels could eventually evolve into the equivalent of the 17th century coffee-houses which fostered in the age of reason. ----------------------------------------------- I am a middle-aged virgin and frankly I am perfectly content to remain that way as even the remote possibility of developing a pussy addiction leading to a shitty Blue-Pill existence disturbs me. -------------------------------------------------------- MGTOW Monk for Life!
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Self identified as a MGTOW since 2013 but sine I have never bothered to have sex or dated a woman let alone gotten married, you could say I was born MGTOW.
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South Australia

First kick in the head towards the truth about male/female relations was when I read No More Sex War: The Failures of Feminism by Neil Lyndon back in the 90s.

<strong>Marriage:</strong> <em>About as appealing as wood-chipper diving.</em>