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Dedicated to bringing this the world our story so it never happens to another man or child again. The system is not there to protect you or your children. You can't imagine just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how well these people are protected from being able to do what they want. To WHOM ever they want. My Goal is to Let people know the people in the community in Portland Oregon you have to watch out for. These people will happily have sex WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Give them drugs, and allow their own family members to molest their own children. Do Drugs while pregnant. And Allow other drug dealers to suffocate and abuse your children, And the woman that I thought I knew? Covered for all of this. Doctors, counselors etc. Police, investigators CPS DHS Gresham police department. And EVEN A PASTOR who has a family member that works inside of CPS. Follow my story and please don't start with " Get a lawyer". There is way more then that. I will tell you how. Please follow my story. Falsely accused of DV? Rape? Abuse?
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You are all alone. If you have been falsely accused of RAPE, DV, PLEASE let all men know about the people who did this.