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We, MGTOW have seen the world for what it is; a matrix. This matrix demands us men to capitulate to a system that sees us as nothing more than a dispensable utility. For most men, they will blindly follow the conditioning paradigm. It is an innate, biological imperative to serve women. Once logic can supersede the biological conditioning you can inadvertently swallow the red pill; the reality of this system. The red pill will veritably decipher what this “life” is. We MGTOW are the enlightened men. We are the men who clandestinely shield ourselves from the harsh reality of this programming. We are the men who know we can never truly break away from the system, nor can we change the system. However, we can choose to disregard this very system. The system may be able to mitigate our sense of autonomy, but we have our consciousness; the system fears this. For this knowledge allows us to see the truth, and only the truth can set you free…
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MGTOW Knight
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Houston, Texas

I was in a fragmented state when I realized that modern day women are a walking contradiction. When I discovered the stark asynchronicity between what they say, and what they actually want. When it dawned on me that the cliche, "nice guys finish last" is actuality, I once was a blue pill mangina, who respectfully catered to women's desires. I did this in hopes I could make them happy. The real truth is that women are very rarely happy. If a woman can't find happiness herself, then how can I provide her that which she lacks? The answer is simple, I can't. See, after being burned by the hypergamous nature of women, it slowly dawned on me that the Western world is on the decline due to feminism. I see that manhood has been under an incessant siege. That being a man today is synonymous with being a creep, or a misogynist. Quiet frankly, I'm just fed up with the man-hating bullshit. I'm hated for being a white male, and it is utterly asinine to be punished for past transgressions, which aren't my own. I am now veritably a post red pill, alpha male, who just keeps to himself. I'm not an asshole, but I'm no longer a pushover. I just don't put up with anyone's bullshit anymore. I've taken the red pill, and never plan on going back. I have the sight to see that this is best this path for me. MGTOW all the way!

Fuck bitches... literally and metaphorically