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Can't Stump Trump
I'm a benign sociopath, unless someone fucks with me.
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Old Buck

For a long time, I thought I was alone, wandering around aimlessly.

Now I realize I have been going my own way the whole


I grew up reading and practicing to be a good man. LTRs that wasted my money and my time showed me the painful truth of


Looking to connect with like minded Brothers. Breaking free of the “matrix” of modern feminist western popular culture


It is only after we lost everything that we are free to do anything

Jan Sobieski

I am Jan Sobieski; fear my winged Hussars.


I'm a retired attorney, and currently practicing gunsmith.


I am a 25 years old man from Brazil.

I like playing videogames, listening to almost all types of music, watching movies, travelling and


51 years old, escapee from a marriage based on how much I made and how nice I was. Red pill moment in summer of 2012

MGTOW Knight

We, MGTOW have seen the world for what it is; a matrix. This matrix demands us men to capitulate to a system that sees us