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Change your cover photo
Change your cover photo
Fly low, fly fast. Pop up, dive down at 500mph to hit hard and precise like a cruiser Salvo. Expect Flak. "Surprise Motherfucker" tactics. No apologies. Be one of the battered Bastards that made it through this Battle. Learn from your scars and the scars of others.
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since i decided marrying a girl was "eeek" some 30 years ago
Joined February 25, 2017
Luxembourg, Europe.

Favorite Redpill dispensers in order of discovery:
Stefan Molyneux - he made me go me "WTF, another one who thinks differently"
Sandman - he had me "AHA" but also very qickly "this is fast food. Need something stronger,"
Terrence Popp aka Redonkulas - that lovely honest Bastard!
Messenger Rising (Lazarus) - work on yourself. stop giving a fcuk. Seek peace away from social madness.

‘Chad and Beta, Chad & Beta. Go together like salad and feta. This I tell you brother. Pumpkin can’t have one without the other.’ - Sky-O 2018