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Hello, My name is Jeremy. I'm a 36 year old white boy with a bad back. I metal detect,kayak & go to work when I can find it. Sometimes I create YouTube videos of my adventures. Unfortunately my back went out while I was shoveling snow four days ago & I've been laid up since. That's how I found MGTOW. Busted my back in 2000 during a car accident. Had my girlfriend (at the time) & a buddy riding along. We all got fucked up pretty bad. She's been a wheelchair ever since. The only tickets issued were for not wearing seat belts & failure to keep right. We were in a older Ford truck that was sitting on 35s. Typical high school redneck kid with money. I had 5k invested it was no piece of shit. I lost control due to a large chunk of "cole patch" that had built up in the road. Felt like the passenger side front tire blew. I over corrected & lost control. We hit the ditch backwards...did a complete 180 in the road..I'll never forget how the ass end of the truck was bouncing as it went slideways...five or six short tire squawks as the tires bounced off the road. I don't remember hitting the ditch. I remember waking up shoved in between the bench seat & half my body was hanging out of the cab. Thought it was up right sitting in the ditch because my feet could touch the ground. It had a lift kit & big tires so it sat high. Started to push myself up & slide out the drivers side door. That's why I found a jagged piece of metal with my left hip & ass cheek. Heard my flesh rip like a t-shirt. After I woke up from blacking out due to the pain I stayed low,slid back & out of the truck. I took a few steps backwards & that's when I saw a tire spinning in middle air & smoke rising. The cab was torn completely away from the chassis & laying about fifteen feet from eachother. I saw my buddy walking up the road back toward town. Turned out later he was there almost two hours before saying anything about other people being hurt. Must've been a dozen cars that pasted by...we were just far enough into a corn field that they couldn't see us. I'm not sure how long I walked around in shock looking for Amanda. I thought for sure she was between the truck & ground. The wind blew just right & I could here her crying in the distance. The state trooper didn't believe I was stuck in the cab. He thought both of us were elected & landed side by side. I wasn't drinking & wasn't speeding. Was giving my buddy a ride home & had plans with her once we got rid of Was the absolute worst night of my life. I live with the pain in my lower back & the memories in my head every damn day. The families all blamed me for fucking off behind the wheel...but the one time I wasn't is when life bit me. Fast forward seventeen years & my life is day-to-day living. Waiting for summer to get here so I can clean my head, I'm in NY...not the city. My most recent ex girlfriend took my daughter & split. She married a village cop who had an order of protection places against me. Every time I was supposed to have my little girl she was with him. They made me a fool with evil games they played. My daughter doesn't know me & recently I had to sign my rights away. Legally she is another mans daughter. Her mother is doing five years in prison for molesting two under age boys that she was mentoring. That's the reason I signed my rights away. Brooke doesn't know me & was afraid to leave her "dad". Was a total mind fucking by evil people in high places. Sorry for the language & my shitty engrish, But I've never opened up like this before...especially online. I'm happy to have found MGTOW. NY is full of feminist psycho people. Don't get me wrong. I still love pussy...just don't get it anymore. Been a long Nowadays I make money working odd jobs,selling antique signs & car parts. I live at home with my dad & I'm not ashamed to say it. We help each other get by. My mother lives in AZ. Haven't seen her in almost twenty years. I drive a beat up F150 & I'd rather be metal detecting or out paddling. Not wasting my time chasing tail. I have nothing to offer them other than my cock & its been blocked from every direction. I get away from town & women are friendly. I've seen some shit & know their games. I hate NASCAR, I'm a huge NHRA fan. Only other sport for me is Hockey. AC/DC died with Bon! Yeah I might be a bit what? I don't draw any type of welfare or disability benefits. I shattered three lower vertebrae in that accident. Been working ever since & this week it caught up with me. That's it for me. Just spilled my guts to total strangers.
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