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Hey there. I'm interested in gender discourses when men talk to men and women talk to women on internet groups and to explain buried ideologies when couples talk to each other. The way you guys frame some of the issues guys have with women are very interesting and informative. I'm interested in men's experiences with feminism, women and systems/structures of power. I'm also interested in the use of language and power (which is usually understood from a binary position of males overpowering women) and how men experience talking with like minded men. In my experience, many men are struggling with many powerful feminist structures in society and these struggles were not always recognised. Gender issues seems to be a hot topic and men's positions aren't recognised enough in my opinion. I agree strongly with MGTOW philosophy that marriage is an institution, I don't belief in marriage and also feel that feminism was excluding men. My field is filled with feminist theories as you know and I am critiquing it. I have seen some of these positions in my work as a psychotherapist, for example courts not taking the father's position into account and categorisation or stereotypical attitudes against men when it comes to domestic violence and consensual sex that sometimes was believed to be rape. I want to do my doctorate study by getting to know and understand the world of MGTOW men so that this can inform me about the issues that needs to be addressed when I work with men on their own as well as heterosexual couples. I was hoping you guys would welcome and help me as a researcher, but also an explorer of my own gender stories on your site. I will respect your views, I agree with many of them anyway, but also feel that this political issue should be shared so that men's voices are being heard by the academic and professional world. A lot has been said on women's positions, and I belief not much on men's positions. This looks like a great site where one can just be oneself. Thanks for thinking about this. I will be as transparent with my intentions as possible and welcome any questions. Hope to catch you on the forums. Andre
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