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Former military currently working in Education. Looking forward to retirement soon and then supporting the local economy on a much grander scale.
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I lived a monk lifestyle from 2013 but lapsed in 2016 and had a bad experience with a woman / crazy bitch. I think being

Old Buck

For a long time, I thought I was alone, wandering around aimlessly.

Now I realize I have been going my own way the whole


I am a 31 year old pharmacist. I like guns, boxing, and guitars.


Looking to connect with like minded Brothers. Breaking free of the “matrix” of modern feminist western popular culture

Cú Chulainn

Non nobis Domine, non nobis; sed Nomini tuo da gloriam


Just think it through.


I am a solid Okunrin from the Fatherland.


I don't care for marriage.


I grew up reading and practicing to be a good man. LTRs that wasted my money and my time showed me the painful truth of


I'm a retired attorney, and currently practicing gunsmith.

Greg Honda

Looking back it seems I was destined to struggle. Keep getting put down, keep comming back. Each time I think this is the end, time




17, 191 cm tall,
Nurse student,
and my favorite MGTOW youtuber is Raging Golden Eagle. Past-time hobbies: Working out, learning new


Single, 25 year old accountant.
I just want to make money, eventually gain financial freedom, and fuck a lot of hot women.


I joined this site because it's exponentially more addicting than pussy. Massages feel better & are way cheaper. I'd get a fleshlight, but even those

MGTOW Knight

We, MGTOW have seen the world for what it is; a matrix. This matrix demands us men to capitulate to a system that sees us