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I joined this site because it's exponentially more addicting than pussy. Massages feel better & are way cheaper. I'd get a fleshlight, but even those are a lil gynocentric. In hindsight, I feel like the intro I posted upon joining the forums was lacking as I kinda rushed through it without outlining my RP ingestion at length; "Bonafides" as it were. I was growing suspicious of my ex fiancee due to the questionable character of her cock carousel riding best friend whom she'd frequently go on long trips with. I once watched her get the gina tingles when she heard my former friend/bandmate mention his balls randomly. I was a complete mangina simp in the eyes of my peers in those days for being with this girl after she fucked two of the bandies (to my knowledge. She groupied all of us and some of the guys just kept it on the dl, guaranteed). When she was out of town looking for a Chad with Betty Boop, I decided to read the diary she'd keep in her dresser. That was the day I understood women for the first time. I guess you could say she might have liked me. Love and respect were nowhere to be seen in those pages, though. Her hypergamy was apparent and I bailed without hesitation. That was the beginning of my story.
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"She's grooming you for suicide.
For her."

I don't need a legacy.. I don't need a monument.