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All the time. She would frequently ask me if she could throw it away. If I wasn’t there, shit would disappear. She could leave her shit everywhere in the house, but God help me if I ever pick any of it up. As our marriage slowly rambled on toward implosion, I had fewer and fewer material things of my own…one day I looked in the closet I had one suit, one tie, A nice shirt, two polos, nice shoes, sneakers, sandals. I looked in the drawers 4 pairs of socks, 4 undies, three t shirts, two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, one pair of khakis, a winter coat, a sweatshirt, and some biking clothes, 1 bicycle, some hand tools. Everything I owned fit in a duffle bag. Her shit filled every closet in the house to capacity, and a 2 car garage sized storage unit. The day I was thrown out by the cops, I had to leave behind a new package of undies, didn’t get them back for 3 months. lol

She used to rummage around in my tool box looking for incriminating cheating evidence. She would dump out jars of extra screws, looking for hidden money. She cut up tire inner tubes and took apart a bike helmet looking for a little black book or papers with women’s phone numbers. She dumped out containers of pool chemicals looking for something…lol burned a big hole in the grass, of course she blamed me…shit I had to dig the dead grass and contaminated soil and take it to the fire station in 5 gallon buckets and plastic bags. Fuck. I gave some random address to the FD incase they were going to send the EPA out to my house.

Oh the van. She took the interior of the van apart like some forensic examination squad…of course she found blond hairs…AH HA! it was our daughters hair. Stupid fucking bitch. Took the interior trim off with a screwdriver and pliers, unbolted the seats, took up part of the carpet, damaged the dashboard yanking on stuff instead of looking for the screws on the ends of the dashboard hidden by the closed doors. Too bad she didn’t activate an airbag and blast her into the ceiling. All because she found our 8 year old daughter’s hair in the front seat headrest.

ok how did I know it was daughter’s hair…it smelled like watermelon shampoo.

Oddly enough she would routinely toss the kids rooms looking for old and unwanted broken stuff, filled in coloring books, little treasures and trinkets that kids like to have in little boxes and she would throw all that away. After a while my kids stopped collecting little fascinating bits of junk. They became obedient robots.

Was cut and carried for a dozen years so therefore, <strong>twelve years a slave</strong>