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Ned Trent
quote: "Just because men's and women's genitalia happen to fit together then why are we supposed to spend the longest time of our lives together..?"
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Ned Trent
the very start of the "w w e c" at least if not probably for a lot longer than that ...
Joined January 07, 2015

Once dumped a woman a few years back, who clearly was all exclusively into favors that I could have done for her if anything else. It suddenly dawned on me and was so obvious, that I called her out on it upon of which she instantly referred to shame me big time to make me "man-up". In the end I didn't, walked away, never looked back and never felt better than on this day...
...oh erm and there's another one: I broke my mum's heart around my pre-school age and yes, she still struggles on that one to this day...

I'd rather die a natual death with a clear MGTOW conscience somewhere off the grid than one within "modern" civilisation with a big stress mark on my forehead and a couple of dozen tubes plugged into my body. Back to the plantation..? Me..? Hey, literally: I won't ever fucking kid myself...YZERLMNTSIC