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single ,dad .
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Bob Dylan

2 marriages / 2 divorces / 5 ltr(s) / pump & dumps from age 12 to current. professional degrees have made it possible


Recenty ex bluepilled. Single dad. Finally happy now GMOW


Spreading the word


Be The Peace You Seek.


I'm Phoenixgod1995. I am still single, but I've learned about MGTOW from my friend "MadFurry MGTOW" on youtube

THX 1138

American Jewish Libertarian Atheist who only worships four things; Ron Paul, George Carlin, Sovereignty, and Logic.


Former military currently working in Education. Looking forward to retirement soon and then supporting the local economy on a much grander scale.


On The Road To Victory
The Word of God Will See Me Through


I was born in 1967, tall (1,90 m), at age 49 still full blonde hair, blue eyed, Caucasian, soft deep voice, mechanically skilled, physically


Hi everyone! I am a young man in my early 20s from Southern California. I was born and raised here in the U.S. by


If your afraid of loneliness, don't get married...


Purple Pill, 37yo, took red pill November 2016 joined MGTOW riggt before 20k members, still love pussy, live with my girlfriend, no kids, never married


Steel matters


A 60 year old guy is learning MGTOW. Like old movies

Northern Soul

Divorced and went MGTOW. Never looked back.


I am a 22 years old man from Brazil.

I like playing videogames, listening to almost all types of music, watching movies, travelling and

Jeremiah Johnson

Married for 7 years, wife left me with my daughter, now taking 50% of all income for child support. Then got into another relationship, in

Legendary life

retired early to live the dream in South East Asia.




EIT | Runner | Technology

Red pill cossack

young man who is having a case of red pill rage and realizes the dangers of marriage and gynosentrism


Free man, I once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High


About myself...
Do you know that guy in school who never talked to anyone? Minded his own business, always seen alone, only talked

Frank V.

A man lucky enough to be talked out the dating/marriage/kids trap when he was young.


aka. Varun The Good One, Desi MGTOW, Category n - introvert, level-2 MGHOW, humanitarian, mamma's boy (and not ashamed of it), Indian to


38 yo STEM student from Argentina


#Legendary Cross AKA Mgtow Jesus Christ (Defender of Mgtow.Com)

# I am your brother that has partakin in the suffering, a real life

Jan Sobieski

I am Jan Sobieski; fear my winged Hussars.


I'm Untamed.
I was born in Nofucksville, Misandry in the region of Blame'n'Abuse.
I go

Ned Trent

quote: "Just because men's and women's genitalia happen to fit together then why are we supposed to spend the