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Just some crotchety old bastard, semi retired Currently on extended vacation from the rat race. Like the outdoors/camping/fishing/hunting/rifles etc/pissing on trees I do what i like/want on my terms I may be crazy, but i am not stupid :)
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Old Buck

For a long time, I thought I was alone, wandering around aimlessly.

Now I realize I have been going my own way the whole


Looking to connect with like minded Brothers. Breaking free of the “matrix” of modern feminist western popular culture


I'm Phoenixgod1995. I am still single, but I've learned about MGTOW from my friend "MadFurry MGTOW" on youtube. My favorite activities include hanging out with


College Graduate, #GamerGater, Trump Supporter, Anti-Globalist, Pro-Male and A FUCKING WHITE MALE!!!!


I am a 25 years old man from Brazil.

I like playing videogames, listening to almost all types of music, watching movies, travelling and

Ned Trent

quote: "Just because men's and women's genitalia happen to fit together then why are we supposed to spend the longest time of our lives together