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A man who is not a woman's bitch and loving every second of it.
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Love God, Go MGTOW, Get Money


Soon to be retired CPA, worked most my career in fraud related area/investigations. I love to hike and the Pacific Northwest, where I live, is

Duke Togo

An everyman who was fooled into wanting things that were not in my best interests, now only interested in what I want and need, not


My actual name is Tom but my nickname is Worick. I'm 27, live in the UK in a rough neighborhood. I've been single since 2009


The Catman sends greetings to the "Meows Going Their Own" NPC troll and sock puppet forum. May the traitor admin "KittyMaster" enjoy his


17, 191 cm tall,
Nurse student,
and my favorite MGTOW youtuber is Raging Golden Eagle. Past-time hobbies: Working out, learning new


I grew up reading and practicing to be a good man. LTRs that wasted my money and my time showed me the painful truth of


I am a 25 years old man from Brazil.

I like playing videogames, listening to almost all types of music, watching movies, travelling and

Tiga K

I see marriage for the bad deal it is and participate in the forums here in order to help spread the truth to the men


Fed up with the lies and manipulation by females , no more for me