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I am a 39 year old man who rides motorcycles and enjoys being who he is regardless of what the opposite sex thinks of him. In my twenties, all I could think about was wanting a girlfriend and having sex. However, thanks to the experiences I have had, painful as they were at the time, they have opened my eyes to the true nature of females. Even so, friends of mine who were married or on the verge of being married have confirmed that my attitude towards dating and marriage is valid. As a result of these experiences, I have been inspired to go my own way and do my own thing, regardless of a hierarchal definition and regardless of what society or other people think. Yes, some women have shamed me and criticized me for not wanting a girlfriend now, or getting married. I've even been perceived as "gay" or "psychotic" because I am single. It's crazy! This world has become polluted with fucked up ideas of what a man is. He is a "good man" if he is married or has a high paying job. However, his feelings don't matter if he is mistreated. It's business as usual. As a result of this stupidity that I hear and see on numerous occasions, I have chosen to go my own way and not play a game that is rigged against any man, putting him at risk of losing his job, his house, his assets, his kids (if any), his reputation, etc.
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There are too many moments to mention. Rest assured, I will gladly explain if you wish.