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Topic | The 261mph Bugatti Chiron | by Gambit | 3 mins ago

This is truly a remarkable feat of engineering. I can’t wait to have one for days like today. It can’t get any more MGTOW than spending the day power shifting a Chiron down the airstrip.

Reply To: Mass Media, The Blue Pill Propaganda Machine | by It'sallbs | 8 mins ago

It is exactly that and always was. 1984 was a warning. George Orwell (real name Eric Arthut Blair) worked for the BBc writing propoganda sent to India. In his book news speak and the ministry of truth is the BBC.

Reply To: Men Are Victimized By The Patriarchy Without Knowing it! | by Untamed | 9 mins ago

By God, Travis, that’s a WHOLE LOT of bulls~~~ you found on that website! How they had the nerves to publish that s~~~ will remain a mystery for years to come. Bulls~~~! Men have done it for thousands of years. It’s these f~~~ing bitches that hold boys back from growing into their own person. Bulls~~~! […]

Reply To: The Power of Celibacy | by The Manipulated Man | 10 mins ago

Taoists refer to the sexual glands as the “stove.” A “stove” is where “fire,” or sexual energy, is generated. Without a stove, fire can not be generated or utilized properly. Then no one will be able to “cook anything”—support life. Many of the vital functions of the body depend on sexual energy. The terms stove […]

Reply To: Stand Alone. | by Joe Bauers | 14 mins ago

Hey Hitman, thanks for writing that, it says much, I can add to it but I won’t, it could have stood alone without a single comment. S~~~, ok, I lied, the only thing I need to say I guess is that if men around the world all realized all of this the world would change […]

Reply To: What Are We Thankful For On Thanksgiving? | by I_see_broken_clocks | 21 mins ago

Breaking up with my girlfriend after dealing with bulls~~~. My head is clear now. Being the master of my own destiny. Being able to go where ever I want whenever I want. Going to school for free. (GI Bill) And I will always be thankful the day the big head took over thinking from the […]

Topic | My Court case: update | by Billy&The Cloneasaurus | 22 mins ago

Hey all, I promised you I’d give you all an update when my assault case went through the courts. Good news…I received a conditional discharge, with a s~~~ load of conditions. I don’t know how many hoops I’ll have to jump through yet, my first meeting with my probation officer is next week. I’m glad […]

Reply To: The Power of Celibacy | by Golgotha777 | 23 mins ago

I’m going to purchase this book when I can. I’ve been looking for a book that specifically goes into celibacy and transmutation.

Topic | Aliens Attack!!!! | by Dashing Young Dissident | 23 mins ago

A veteran ex soldier stands outside on his porch, its a hot summers day, wind-chimes blow in the cool breeze, a parade is taking place in the distance. The sound of military style drums starts to give him flashbacks of an alien attack he endured 30 years ago…. The flash back starts with him as […]

Reply To: How To Cook Turkey | by Secret Agent MGTOW | 36 mins ago

You are my kind of guy. I would not kill unless absolutely necessary. You want to know what kind of guy a guy is, you watch how he treats/takes care of his animals.

Reply To: Poor MGTOW, Alone for Thanksgiving | by Russian dweller | 39 mins ago

I’m very thankful to all of you guys! Honestly, more than a year ago I was a lurker on the largest Russian Manosphere site, which was apparently corrupted to the core by site owners and some of leading writers and intercepted by government (via establishing connections with official ROC and subsequently with Russian secret services). […]

Reply To: Mangina, MGTOW, and the MIlitary | by mgtow_taoist | 41 mins ago

From what I saw in the military a lot are sort of blue-pilled ‘alphas’ while in relationships and red-pilled pussy beggars while single. That is probably how I would describe myself back then. There are less f~~~s given, a masculine attitude in general and the obvious physical prowess. This is enough to bag themselves a […]

Reply To: They Don't Care About You! | by DocDJ | 42 mins ago

Any ounce of residual guilt I have for beleiving AWALT enbs away with each word I read from the hive. Saw this clown in a daily mail article from Piers, alongside some British clown asking for the abolition of gender pronouns because they breed stereotypical views about boys and girls. Aw bless. What the f~~~!!!

Reply To: What Are We Thankful For On Thanksgiving? | by MasterShake | 46 mins ago

1. Waking up this morning. Not everyone did. 2. My legs, lungs, and eyes. Not everyone has those. 3. My peaceful home 4. Mgtow 5. Good food

Reply To: What Are We Thankful For On Thanksgiving? | by Grue | 46 mins ago

1. That I never knocked a bitch up. 2. I was never stupid enough to sign a marriage contract. 3. For what I have learned here. The biggest thing being I don’t have to put up with c~~~s in my life even if they are family. 4. I have food, water, shelter and ammo.

Reply To: What Are We Thankful For On Thanksgiving? | by Gambit | 47 mins ago

Not having a lying, cheating and disloyal c~~~ in my life. I am also thankful for not having any blue pill, mangina simps as friends. The resulting peace is invaluable.

Reply To: Men Are Victimized By The Patriarchy Without Knowing it! | by Gambit | 48 mins ago

There is no such thing as patriarchy. It’s a lie. It’s just another way to manipulate men.

Reply To: Being alone good for mental health | by DocDJ | 49 mins ago

No Tower you ain’t simple minded. You took what a lot of people think is complicated and explained it simply. And you are 100% correct. People, by mixing with the toxic become toxic. Solitude and as little interaction with others is the safest and cleanest path. Amen to that too.

Reply To: Good vibrations | by MasterShake | 50 mins ago

NAWALTs are like unicorns. They only exist in your imagination. Dont fall for that s~~~

Topic | What Are We Thankful For On Thanksgiving? | by ResidentEvil7 | 51 mins ago

I know the Thanksgiving topic has been done to death so far, but today is the day where we give thanks for our way of life. What is everyone thankful for on this Thanksgiving? 1 MGTOW; sure has changed my life for the better 2 My best friend is planning New Year’s Eve with me […]

Topic | Men Are Victimized By The Patriarchy Without Knowing it! | by Travis3000 | 54 mins ago Patriarchy. That’s the word feminists use all the time to highlight how society favours men over women, no? But as a guy, why should you care? Patriarchy works out fine for men, doesn’t it? Not really. Here are three ways in which you are suffering because of your male privilege. 1. You Cannot Grow […]

Reply To: Mass Media, The Blue Pill Propaganda Machine | by Untamed | 55 mins ago

This insanity and confusion the world is in is directly tied to the m-ass media’s effects on the brains of Blue-Pill libtard simps. It’s one of the reasons why they were so shell-shocked when president Trump won. They were so sure of their control over the minds of the populace, repeating the same fallacies on […]

Reply To: Mangina, MGTOW, and the MIlitary | by Joe Bauers | 57 mins ago

Getting married is far safer historically than joining the Military. No need to sign over your Sovereignty to a woman, no need to sign over your Sovereignty to the Military either. Why voluntarily enlist yourself into being even more of a disposable utility than you already are in the eyes of Women and the Government? […]

Reply To: Mangina, MGTOW, and the MIlitary | by Grue | 59 mins ago

I have friends and relatives that are currently serving. According to them the Military has gone full retard with the PC s~~~. I served and while there I saw the stupid s~~~ that blue pill men do. A couple of examples. 1. One dude got rolled by a hooker. He had his entire pay on […]

Reply To: No more getting logged out after 48 hours | by ResidentEvil7 | 60 mins ago

I agree. The logout thing is annoying especially if you’re posting something. I don’t know what the problem is. I mean if Hotmail, eBay, YouTube (to name a few) can have you logged in permanently, then I don’t understand the problem with doing that on MGTOW.

Reply To: Feminist says there is a double standard in big noses | by MasterShake | 1 hour ago

Went to look for your comment Blade but f~~~ I gave up after seeing so many losers saying “I actually only like girls with big noses” or “your nose looks good” really hurts to read that s~~~. Way to many of those guys out there

Reply To: GUESS WHAT HAS HAPPENED? UNHEARD OF! | by g-mow | 1 hour ago

would not bang! well… only if she made me drunk. but since i do not drink… Rapist.

Reply To: The Power of Celibacy | by Golgotha777 | 1 hour ago

I’ve spent years trying to live a celibate lifestyle (approximately three) and I will readily admit it is very hard. I’m still in my twenties which may have something to do with it. The main problem I have is that anger levels go up tremendously between days 14 and 28. It literally feels like there […]

Reply To: GUESS WHAT HAS HAPPENED? UNHEARD OF! | by Ogre | 1 hour ago

In high school I wouldn’t have considered jumping on that. I was also buying the booze for my friends. Looking 28 when you’re 17 can have benefits.

Reply To: Poor MGTOW, Alone for Thanksgiving | by ResidentEvil7 | 1 hour ago

Look at it this way; no irritating annoying relatives to get under your skin. I wish I had that privilege.

Reply To: Rad Feminists And Trannies Fight At Rally | by Travis3000 | 1 hour ago

I would have egged all of them on. Think about it, none of them are rational in the first place. All it would take is a little ribbing. “Hey that chick is clearly judging you. What the f~~~ is that s~~~?” Or “Look at that tranny, what does he/ she /it know about being a […]

Reply To: GUESS WHAT HAS HAPPENED? UNHEARD OF! | by Untamed | 1 hour ago

Yes, that monster was already covered 24 hours ago by Fatal but, as ugly and monstrous as this bitch is, I have nothing against doubling down on the showcase. FuglyAssBitch

Reply To: A MGTOW nightmare. | by Silver Fox | 1 hour ago

That’s something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Reply To: Mangina, MGTOW, and the MIlitary | by Carnage | 1 hour ago

1) if your mother is Soo good, why she picked up the worst Apple she could find? It is a clear example bad boy attraction, part of AWALT, your mother really loved your father, why? Becouse he was an asshole. If your father happened to be a good man, he wold not be your father, […]

Reply To: Rad Feminists And Trannies Fight At Rally | by Prefer Peace to Piece | 1 hour ago

Wow. This is bizarre. Maybe we could sell them tee shirts that say “TERF”, short for trans-exclusionary radical feminists. (I’m not exactly sure what constitutes a TERF) If I came across a group of radical feminists, I would walk away.

Reply To: Mangina, MGTOW, and the MIlitary | by Ogre | 1 hour ago

I became red pill late in my military time. After twenty years of service and marriage I took a realistic look at what I got for supporting her. Somehow all money toward what she wants and sex only when she wants didn’t seem very fair. I’m not one to bitch and I chose my route […]

Reply To: Cranberry Sauce | by Heave-Ho Mgtow | 2 hours ago

Pen, I am giving it a try. Bought a bag of cranberries and was wondering how to cook the little buggers. A lot of sugar but I trust your recipe Hope your cooking this too. Happy Thanksgiving to all MGTOW.

Reply To: MGTOW – The Road not Taken | by Mitchell Gant | 2 hours ago

My favorite poem bar none. It’s hanging framed in my bathroom so I can see it every single day.

Reply To: I found this interesting | by MasterShake | 2 hours ago

Thought it was interesting how they blamed the workplace for degrading womens’ health and claimed that an even home life was helping the men. Looks like they should’ve stayed in the kitchen lol.

Reply To: How do you respond to people who make snarky comments? | by Ogre | 2 hours ago

Any option from I didn’t hear what was said to nuclear hand grenade. I have ignored a comment and dropped a nuke within 15 seconds before. I never respond according to expectations, that’s the only thing they can ever expect. Once I ceased to care I just can’t be bothered.

Topic | Mangina, MGTOW, and the MIlitary | by I_see_broken_clocks | 2 hours ago

I am the child of a single mother. My father had multiple felonies. My mother says because of how my dad was, she didn’t want him around, so no child support (I confirmed this with him later about him not having to pay child support). This situation played out in the 1980’s, and being 31, […]

Reply To: Death Wobble Update and how you can prevent it! | by Ogre | 2 hours ago

@Sidecar. Wearing at least minimal gear I’ve never gotten seriously injured from my own goofs, but the one’s I’ve avoided with cagers would have been life changing events. I prefer to ride twisties away from traffic for good reasons.

Reply To: Being alone good for mental health | by Silver Fox | 2 hours ago

There is a powerful theme in the classic novel Bambi (Felix Salten, not the Disney movie) about the value of being alone. It is in being alone that we learn to be self-reliant, grow in wisdom and reflection, and learn to observe more in the world around us. The adult deer Bambi actually rejects the […]

Reply To: How do you respond to people who make snarky comments? | by Joe Bauers | 2 hours ago

I am not like most, I am king of the comebacks, and I have no f~~~s left to give so I let them fly. I usually clear the house early on Thanksgiving, once someone makes some snarky ill-informed political comments it’s game on, and usually game over really fast as nobody in the room even […]

Reply To: Will MGTOW ever be "gentrified"? | by Untamed | 2 hours ago

Let these deluded Bluepillers sign up and try to change the dynamic in here, I guarantee you that a lot of us, including Keymaster, will take a malicious pleasure to punt their deluded asses out to Pluto! MGTOW isn’t cool, nor is it a f~~~ing movement from which to start to change things or suck […]

Reply To: Why pumpkins become bitches. | by Penman_Frey | 2 hours ago

I think a lot of this just comes down to a blatant issue of our own biology becoming obsolete in an ever changing society. We have two directions we can take at this point. Adapt and evolve or simply cease to exist.

Reply To: Being alone good for mental health | by phoenix | 2 hours ago

Pretty much all of society has been advanced by thinkers in solitude. Even those that are the great leaders and implementers were completely alone at the top. It’s women and low intelligence men that want the herd mentality, because for their survival a herd helps them. The herd becomes the average of everyone involved, so […]

Reply To: Mass Media, The Blue Pill Propaganda Machine | by phoenix | 2 hours ago

Yes, this is very well known for MGTOW. That is why we always tell people to stop watching mainstream stuff and get off social media. On some level it’s always been AWALT, but the conditioning from mass media is really what made the West possible. At no other time in world history did the elites […]

Topic | MGTOW – The Road not Taken | by RASman | 2 hours ago

The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps […]

Reply To: GUESS WHAT HAS HAPPENED? UNHEARD OF! | by Gargamel | 2 hours ago

28 years? Looks rather like 48. Too much booze and too many drugs. S~~~ like this was unthinkable in our days (1980’s)

Reply To: Mass Media, The Blue Pill Propaganda Machine | by Penman_Frey | 2 hours ago

I think propoganda is too soft of a word here… It’s more like brainwashing through the power of suggestion, repetition and reinforcement. As for movies, TV and music. It’s all just gotton gradually worse and worse over time. I will bet you right now, if we did a drinking game where we had to drink […]

Reply To: Willpower | by Joe Bauers | 2 hours ago

I am an easily distracted slacker, in fact it is not something I am ashamed of in the slightest. It has been nice for warding off women and having relationships that never lasted more than a year or two. I have never been plantation material, never intended to be, never will be. The upside is […]

Reply To: Rad Feminists And Trannies Fight At Rally | by RASman | 2 hours ago

With each rotation around the drain this world gets closer to going down the toilet.

Topic | Mass Media, The Blue Pill Propaganda Machine | by Travis3000 | 2 hours ago

During my life I have noticed that movies, TV shows, songs, are blue pill propaganda machines…. at least for men. For women they are the so called empowering “You go girl trip!” What am I talking about? Well take the movie Hitch from a few years back. The title “Hitch” is the main character’s last […]

Topic | GUESS WHAT HAS HAPPENED? UNHEARD OF! | by RASman | 2 hours ago

Teacher accused of buying booze for students, making teen fondle her

Reply To: I will be 32 years old tonight at 12 am | by Penman_Frey | 2 hours ago

You have my warmest wishes for the rest of your years to come. Have an awesome birthday.

Reply To: Feminist says there is a double standard in big noses | by RASman | 2 hours ago

Just tell your lesbian friends your nose is longer than your tongue and they’ll sit on your face.

Reply To: Rad Feminists And Trannies Fight At Rally | by Untamed | 2 hours ago

Ha haaa! GOOD! These libtards are so f~~~ing pathetic and hateful that they can’t even gather without beating on each other! Then they’re gonna rant about some supposed toxic masculinity and how it oppresses them! They’re like vultures fighting over a carcass, the stinking remains of their so-called society going down fast and ugly, degenerating […]

Reply To: i like poetry | by redCanine3669 | 2 hours ago

wikipedia says “sexual misconduct encompasses a range of behavior used to obtain sexual gratification against another’s will or at the expense of another. Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent, or has the effect of threatening or intimidating the person against whom […]

Topic | A MGTOW nightmare. | by MoneyOverBitches | 3 hours ago

I found myself next to a blonde, pregnant woman. She was hanging all over me, telling me how excited she was for our baby, and taking my hands and placing it on her stomach. Throughout what seemed to be about 5 minutes of this, I was horrified. How did I get this woman pregnant? Where […]

Topic | Cranberry Sauce | by Penman_Frey | 3 hours ago

For everyone that is going to be cooking for Thanksgiving, here is a nifty little recipe for cranberry sauce instead of that purple sludge you find in cans. Here is what you’ll need: bag of cranberries (atleat 12 oz or 2 cups) 1 cup of Orange Juice 1 cup of Sugar A stove to cook […]

Reply To: Being alone good for mental health | by Joe Bauers | 3 hours ago

Yea, women, when there is nobody around to bitch at they go through withdrawals like a crack head, get shaky, begin to go mad, and then blow up on the next person they see.

Reply To: Rad Feminists And Trannies Fight At Rally | by Cú Chulainn | 3 hours ago

Not fair, them trannies with their big old b~~~~ and leaner muscle mass, the dykes are no match for them.

Reply To: Will MGTOW ever be "gentrified"? | by Billy&The Cloneasaurus | 3 hours ago

No, MGTOW will never be gentrified. This will always be an outlier group, owing to human biology. We pick up the scraps after men have been through the ringer. We like to think that we are proactive, but the fact is we are not. It’s the old hot stove argument…men need to touch the stove […]

Reply To: Why pumpkins become bitches. | by Gambit | 3 hours ago

Actually, she is of age. Biologically, women come of age around 14 and she looks 14-16 to me. She should be married around this age.

Reply To: Willpower | by Untamed | 3 hours ago

You’re right, Stealth. These bitches will use our strengths of character and turn them against us in a heartbeat, they’d never miss a chance to rub us the wrong way just for the sake of drama. I’ve never been committed to anything to the point of taking gratuitous s~~~ for it. I don’t shy away […]

Reply To: Will MGTOW ever be "gentrified"? | by Carnage | 3 hours ago

Phoenix is right, I have to pay more taxes, becouse I have no kids… like that is my problem? If you can’t feed them and cover you taxes why the f~~~ you had them in the first place?

Reply To: Willpower | by I_see_broken_clocks | 3 hours ago

Staying the course can accomplish a lot. ..But always have a contingency plan when on a sea vessel….

Reply To: Will MGTOW ever be "gentrified"? | by Carnage | 3 hours ago

Hold on a second, what f~~~ing movement? Im no part of no movement, if I wanted to belong to some group or association I WOLD MARRY AND HAVE A FAMALY. How can someone gentrify me from being me? What they gonna do? Carve off my face a use it? I do not belong to MGTOW, […]

Reply To: Willpower | by Numerator | 3 hours ago

The will in ‘I will not pedestalize pussy’ is the new willpower.

Reply To: Happy Thanksgiving | by El Cunto Punto | 3 hours ago

Happy Thanksgiving to all you f~~~ heads! lol. Love ya guys. Hope your day is going well. And for all the other peoples in other countries not celebrating turkey day… This is all you’re missing..

Reply To: Will MGTOW ever be "gentrified"? | by phoenix | 3 hours ago

There’s already a bachelor tax. Men pay into the system and women take from it, they have all the programs and benefits setup for them. They still complain about having to pay taxes in the first place, when men still pay the majority of it. Besides it won’t even matter. You don’t force men into […]

Reply To: Will MGTOW ever be "gentrified"? | by TaxGuy | 3 hours ago

Good question. After being here awhile I often feel like I’m repeating myself. I question if I really have anything new to add to the conversation sometimes. Once you’ve gone through the five stages of grief and get to acceptance, I think the red pill gets built up enough in your system that you don’t […]

Reply To: How do you respond to people who make snarky comments? | by El Cunto Punto | 3 hours ago

I give them snarky s~~~ right back. But then, that’s how I am in everyone in general. I have a masters in sarcasm, and I lecture classes for students of all ages.

Reply To: Cell Phone Enemy | by El Cunto Punto | 3 hours ago

I love that people post every aspect of their lives online, and then COMPLAIN about privacy. Oh, the irony.

Reply To: Will MGTOW ever be "gentrified"? | by Old Sage | 3 hours ago

So a bunch of kids are going to run me off are they? Hahh Some show up, rideing the latest subculture bandwagon. They get bored and move on. Its normal I suppose.

Reply To: I feel really F~~~ING great! | by El Cunto Punto | 3 hours ago

Not all men are the same. Just the men that she seeks out are the same. People have a tendency to continue to seek out (consciously, or subconsciously) people who exhibit the same behaviors that their ex’s did. They can say till they’re blue in the face that the behavior in question is what they […]

Reply To: Alimony is Grand Larceny/Theft how many c~~~s are felons? | by Billy&The Cloneasaurus | 3 hours ago

“Never invite a vampire into your house you silly boy, it renders you powerless” Clip runs 2min 36 sec

Reply To: Granite proof that men need each other. | by El Cunto Punto | 3 hours ago

The difference between recognizing behavior, and getting worked up over it is really night and day. Knowing that you can’t change the behavior of others, nor should you try, means that you can laugh at it more when it rears its head. I don’t get angry at people when it comes to red pill/blue pill […]

Reply To: Being alone good for mental health | by Billy&The Cloneasaurus | 3 hours ago

No pussy beggar ever invented electricity, quantum theory, relativity, the automobile, airplanes, etc.

Topic | Willpower | by Stealth | 3 hours ago

I pride myself in my ability to stay committed to something, no matter how difficult or disillusioning it becomes. With this mindset, I am a good potential long term marriage partner, because I understand that long term love is just a matter of commitment and staying the course. If hell breaks loose, I can take […]

Reply To: Zimbabwe: move along, there's nothing to see here. | by Princekie | 3 hours ago

Hmm let’s see now. Mugabe and his mates plundered state resources. Now the country has f*** all left. Army step in and “eject” Mugabe who is replaced… by his former mate. Not holding out much hope!

Topic | Rad Feminists And Trannies Fight At Rally | by Travis3000 | 3 hours ago Now the feminists and Trannies are fighting! This is great!

Reply To: Happy Thanksgiving | by Awakened | 3 hours ago

And, to You as well my friend. Enjoy Your parents as Time is Short.