"Hello! A new member and grateful! I was going to seek professional guidance after my divorce. I see now that your website offers me that out and guidance that I have been seeking. My first choice of 'professional guidance' with a female counselor would have left me a complete mangina. Thank you MGTOW!!! You have prevented me from making a VERY BIG BLUNDER!! Peace. "

- D.M. Phoenix, AZ

"Excellent Organization you guys are have, it's a inspiration to connect with other men and teaching young men about you older guys personally experience with females."

- Manuel

"I was always MGTOW, but didn't what to call it. I always felt something was off with the world and women. The people I have hung out with made me feel I was not on the right path and living a lie. When I joined I realized I was not alone anymore. Thank you MGTOW for teaching me young and preventing me from the lies women and marriage bring. I can now live in peace."

- Lost Soul

"Just had to say. For the last ten years I have held the attributes of those who have forsaken relationships with the vile, nagging, gynocentric, raging harpy that has become the western woman. And I am equally elusive of the gold diggers outside of the west. I have never concealed my intense dislike for this devolved creature, the "woman" and my willingness and want for nothing more than for her to be gone by sunrise. Especially since I have gained currency by disregarding her over the years to the point where I have accumulated real wealth. I do not hide in the shadows. "

- CH

"I don’t know your name or whether you’re an individual or a group. That said, you have an exquisite mind. Your level of articulation seems so effortless. Thank you for your contributions to male sanity, peace and new purpose. I thought I was alone and perhaps wrong headed. Publishing your mindset has I’m sure given all men a sense of ‘Whew, I’m not crazy-ness’. Thank you again and find a way to continue. "

- David

"Hi fellow MGTOW! I just would like to thank yall for helping me go my own way. I took the redpill at an early age, so it's still hard for me. This community made me feel welcomed because it help me find other like-minded people. I wouldn't know where I'd be if it wasn't for MGTOW. Be good with life & CHEERS! "

- Christian

"For years I have been called "crazy" by everyone around me, and I have now come to realize the hate was bred from jealousy. It takes a strong man to make stronger choices. I am no longer alone!"

- James D.

"Thank you for creating this site. It's been wonderful to see and experience. Peace be with you."

- JL

"Hey, as a web dev, I just want to tell you that this is the most beautiful site I have ever seen, assets, the features, the web design. I am literally freaking out constantly, on every page. I am new to the whole group and am skeptical as I am sure most are, but not only has the site won me, but the very courageous and powerful stance just blows anything I have ever seen out of the water. This is awesome! "

- Mr. Lloyd

"Great website that has changed my life. For years I thought I was alone and now I find I am in great company! Thanks MGTOW."

- James

"Hi, love the chess game on your site, played a game after like 6 years of not touching a chest piece. Got my ass handed to me. Nice game though XD. Best greeting I had on any site in years. A sweet game of chess. thx."

- S.T.

"I wish I had this site when I was young. My wife turned into an inconsolable crazy person who blamed me for everything after the kids came. The kids were healthy and well behaved and were not much trouble at all and she acted like it was the end of the world. Once she had enough of my DNA, she was done with me so she got the state to force me to continue giving her money. Women don’t love us for who we were are. They love us for our dna and our ability to work and fix stuff. Of course to a man that’s not love at all. If I could do it over, I would pay a surrogate. My kids are my favorite thing about this world. Paying a surrogate would be way cheaper and way less of a nightmare than marriage."

- The Deal

"First of all, I gotta say huge thank you to this community, have only been a member for a very short time and already the transformations in every area of my life are epic!!! I have learned so much from every single post or reply that I have read on here. Any time I feel tired, de-motivated or negative I just jump onto the forums and get inspired!"

- Gone Ghost

"Best website ever! I can’t stop reading you. Funny, clever and profound at the same time."

- Pappadrillo

"April 25th, 2017. Not an inquiry, but I want you to know this site saved my life."

- A.P.

"I love this ! I feel like I found the secret to the universe. Thanks."

- D.B.

"I am new to MGTOW. I have seen a lot of content on Youtube and enjoy it very much. I have been married when I was younger for just one year. My alpha ways drive most women away pretty quick. I try as hard as I can to be a beta for them and then I would get tired of their bullshit and say fuck it. Once they realize they can't change me their gone. It use to bother me a lot thinking something was wrong with me and my ways. Now, I can see I'm not alone and my thoughts are rational for many men feel the same way. Anyways, just saying hi and glad to know you guys are here. Lets Take this World back from feminazies, Gentlemen. Once and for all. Cheers! "

- MM

"I have been 'lurking' for over a year now and when not on the site, I tend to think a lot about what is discussed here and I find personal stories entertaining about women and relationships and also the wide variety of topics allowed dealing with men's issues. Although I dont agree with all said, 90% is bang on and a few topics have given me new perspectives on daily things. I am married and I equate things said on this site with my own life and I can make more than a few similarities which is another eye opener. I thoughouley enjoy this site and wanted to share my thoughts and extend a congrats to you and your team and members-great job and many thanx!!"

- Glen

"My sincere thanks to all of you responsible for creating/maintaining MGTOW. I live in ultra feminized Seattle and would be deemed a pariah if I utter a word that challenges the feminist narrative that runs the show here in both the workplace and household. Things are so mind-blowingly bad for men here, especially straight white men, that at times I find myself on the brink of insanity. The MGTOW community has made feel like I'm not alone in this PC madness and for that I can't thank you enough. "

- Ed in Seattle

"Glad to find people that thinks the same way than me. I have developed through the years and my own experience most of the key beliefs that I see here. For years I was wondering if I was in a mistake, or if I was the only man awake to the reality, and felt the rejection of my thoughts from both, women and men. Now I know I am right and I`m not alone. Thanks for letting me join the MGTOW community "

- Ricardo

"The website is amazing. This material has literally changed my life, and my whole understanding of myself and reality. This is noble work that men are engaged in, with MGTOW. I am very proud to be a part of it. Wishing all the best to the staff and everyone else working to make a difference. As Stardusk said in a very recent video I watched, "This knowledge literally saves people's lives." I couldn't agree more."

- TJ

"You have brought to life a platform for men to voice their problems and anxieties. At this time I cant imagine anything more important"

- James

"Just want to say 'wow' and thank you. Strangely enough, an idea for something quite similar to MGTOW came to me in a flash on active duty in Afghanistan. You guys have shown me I'm not a mad loner, but part of a great tradition. I don't need to start something, i just need to join."

- DM

"Hello MGTOW.COM, I work with 90% women in Healthcare. I now will understand how to take back my life and masculinity. Thanks!"

- C.S in Connecticut USA

"I love this website. Finding it is like winning the lottery a 1000 times in a row. This place is the greatest thing I've ever found online."

- SolitaryHermit

"I honestly thought I was going crazy! I'm so glad I've found mgtow, I was naturally separating myself from everything, everywhere I looked I wanted to vomit in disgust, it's nice to see that there is an entire group of men who feel the exact same way, I hope this movement makes a massive social impact. I'll gladly support this anyway I can. Thanks guys"

- Christopher

"I discovered MGTOW through a random video on the FoxNews web site, and ghosted the forums for nearly a year before becoming a member. The resources available and the articles found by The Patriarchy are PURE GOLD. We have a wealth of life’s experience to share. I am very grateful for you all..... and though I don’t know any of you personally, I would give up my space in the lifeboat for each and every one of you."

- Solomon’s Wisdom

"Was engaged for a year and just blew it off. I’d lasted until 44 to succumb to marriage but as soon as I’d become engaged I stated having panic attacks about all the boredom and possible ruin that awaited me . Blew it all off two weeks ago and the minute I ended it I instantly felt myself again . Screw that death sentence!"

- Wiseguy

"Im so glad to have found this place. I’m late 30’s, never “put a ring on it”, no kids, life is grand. I’ve always known I was MGTOW, mgtow.com has just opened my eyes to a whole heap more. It’s good to be among men."

- Shin

"I wish this existed 15 years ago. All I can say is thanks for helping me realise how wrong I was and start to get on the right path. The path where I do what makes me happy and not worry about what females think about it."

- StueytheKid

"I have been lurking for way too long and I have already made posts and reply’s without an introduction to the Prince and kindred of this fine domain. Thus far I am addicted to the website, and I love what I’m reading. "

- Mr. Helicopter

"MGTOW is the greatest epiphany I ever had. It’s the greatest realization/lifestyle choice a man will ever make in his lifetime. I’ve always been a contrarian to gynocentric bullshit not realizing it was “gynocentric” bullshit.... which is how I thought of my username by the way. I’ve always been a “heretic” to the gynocracy. "

- Heretic

"This is the website is the best thing on the internet because it’s opened my eyes on a lot of shit I’ve never even thought of before. "

- RedPillPrimate

"MGTOW.com is now clinically recommended by psychologists. A psychologist me he has now prescribed visiting MGTOW.com to one of his male patients suffering from all the bullshit out there, and improve his psychological health. MGTOW.com is now psychologist recommended and effective against the disease of feminismitis."

- PuffinStuff | Divorced MGTOW Member and a Real M.D.

"I want to say how incredible it was to come to this site and see other men I have never met come to the same conclusions I have about relationships with women and other facets of American culture. I’m not saying I’ve read some of your posts and then merely agreed with your point of views. I’m saying that you guys are literally writing my own thoughts…the exact shit I have either said or think. It is almost unbelievable. "

- Nero

"MGTOW Saved My Life. First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for the establishment of this incredible community. I have read so many of your stories and cannot put into words how grateful I am to have discovered such like-minded individuals. The intelligence and courage it takes for us MGTOWS to survive in this gynocentric world is incredible. I now can say with the most liberated confidence that the blue pill prison I have spent my entire life in has been completely eviscerated. Thank you brothers for everything."

- Steven J

"This website has taught me the true nature of how women work and how society is gynocentric. Thankfully, I've never been screwed over by one. This is one of the best resources for men around because it allows men to become aware of the gynocentric shit hole we're living in."

- Fearless MGHOW

"Finding this website is like winning the lottery to me! It’s a perfect homepage as well! I love this website, the forum, and its archives. It’s one of the greatest resources for men ever. I just wish I found it sooner!"

- Charles in Deutschland

"Vaguely aware there was something going on in society that I just wasn't grasping. I'll never forget the evening I found this site and the entire night spent reading every single thread and post in the forums section at the time. The sheer amount of information overloaded my mind and the following moment of clarity at 7:00am without a minute of sleep was surreal in itself. I was not alone in my thoughts and ideas. I don't post much, but please know your site touches and saves the lives of many men. Thank you for helping me understand my aversion to marriage and children is not an indication of being "weird" or "unstable" as some have rudely said. Thank you for helping me overcome my depression. Thank you for saving me a potential lifetime of agonizing over others' opinions of me. Thank you for arming me with invaluable knowledge to unabashedly Go My Own Way. "

- Dre

"Thanks a lot for this website. This current gynocentric society has fucked with my head so much on what it means to be a man. I'm a millennial man and I feel my generation of men are being brainwashed daily to act and look more feminine. I've finally found a website that embraces masculinity instead of demonizing it. Younger men as well as younger boys should be introduced to more MGTOW content on a daily basis instead of the gynocentric bullshit we're exposed to at a younger age. I'm so thankful. "

- Silent Wanderer

"I'm new to the site so I'm just now learning the ropes. I thought I'd tell you guys this site feels like it was made for me. I just wish I found it sooner. I recently went through a traumatizing experience with a woman. For so long I've been seeking the companionship and approval from these parasites, but no more. I must improve myself for myself from now on. I must go my own way. Thanks for making this site. "

- Josh

"This is one of the best websites I've ever discovered. It archives all the bullshit men have to put up with on a daily basis."

- Awakened MGHOW

"Thank God that I found this community of Men recently, and have enjoyed every bit of what I have read on it thus far. I confess I have been spending all my spare time for the past month or so delving into the messages, threads and updates on the MGTOW site - and digest them. To search for, track down and hunt for JUSTICE... MGTOW is the only group that I am aware of at my age and stage of life that seems to be able to deliver. "

- RIARGS ( Ex U.S. Naval Aviator )

"I just wanted to congratulate whoever made this website.. Someone on the forums said you deserve a medal and I second that. It's beyond spectacular. It has class falling out it's ass. I noticed a big plug somewhere here about Dr. Matt Comet Taylor. He is one of my heroes. Thanks for building this site! Love it!"

- Jack

"I saved into a document several posts from the forums, particularly those by Uncle Keymaster, who is without exaggeration, the most important contemporary thinker I read on a regular basis. Only through MGTOW do I remain the person I want to be. No restrictions. No compromises. No self-degradation. No limits. No fear. No dependency. A life worth living. Thanks to all of you."

- FrederickTheGreat

"I am deeply grateful to the philosophy of MGTOW, and the many content-providers within it, that give so much of themselves to other men! It is you that make it possible for men like myself, to live life as it is supposed to be lived, to give so many a second chance to find their happiness and purpose in life. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you, thank you for giving me the means to live a new life!"

- EinerJahr

"I didn’t realize there was actually a place like this. I found this way, had to move this direction for my own shear self preservation, wished I’d have known about MGTOW sooner. I appreciate reading about everyone experiences, I have gained of knowledge. Love the lighthearted fare as well, you gotta smile right? One foot in front of the other, that’s what I had to tell myself at first. Life is looking up, I am slowly learning how you approach the day is of utmost importance. Thank you, again."

- Vetten

"This is AWESOME! This whole site, forums and people participating are really cool. I love the general idea behind MGTOW, and i hope i can contribute in the coming days. You guys rule!"

- The Red Dragon

"Finally. A site that defines my way of life. MGTOW, ALWAYS."

- Blue Knight 1843

"The only way to see the matrix is to leave it. Thanks for helping me see the matrix! Best website ever."

- Grim

"I've been a MGTOW since 2010, but never knew there was a term for it. What a great job you did with the website. I've learned a lot just from lurking on here for about a week. Before I found out about MGTOW, I was still struggling with the desire to go full white knight for women, but this website helped me to avoid that shit altogether and reinforce my red pill stance. I hope you guys stick around for a very long time. Thanks for the site and keep up the good work! "

- Venom

"I just joined, my son told me about MGTOW and I'm so glad there is such a website & place. I am just regretting I did not join much earlier."

- Stefan

"I am new to this site stumbled on it by luck I am glad I did. I may/will be a single dad rising three children on my own soon. I was smart and put up video cameras for my protection and that of my children."

- Isaac

"I am in my mid forties. I went MGTOW on my own at the age of 35. If I had this site as a resource as a kid…? All the advice and life experience from older men, damn, I can only imagine how different my life would have been. Listen to most of what these guys tell you, and if you cannot use it to help your brother, at least you can use it for yourself. Good luck kid."

- JoeBauers

"Finding a forum where I feel I am among those who understand is like being welcomed home after the war."

- Maurice52

"THANK F&^!#N God I found this site! So pissed off with the current state of the western world and how we men have been thumbed down into the lowest fucking class possible, yet are stil expected to pick the tab up for everything and be an empty nut sack gentleman. "

- Paul

"After joining officially just now and reading further I have come to the conclusion that is the best and arguably most relevant website to society and current issues on so many levels beyond the obvious since the dawn of the internet. I don't normally review or comment, however I feel compelled to give you guys the praise you deserve. Thank you for providing this place of resources, sanity and a place for like minded people. "

- Alexander

"I joined this website seeking the guidance of all you seasoned veterans. I am so genuinely excited to have finally found a circle of like minded men, and have spent time soaking up the ample amount of wisdom offered in these forums. I haven’t even made one post yet and I am already grateful for this forum. With every post you are inspiring men whom you don’t even know exist, and I can vouch for that personally. Thank you. Feels good to be GMOW! BOOM!!!"

- Churchill

"Just found this site over the weekend, and thought I should go ahead and post. I gotta say out of all of the sites that are geared towards guys and have forums for divorce separation etc. this one blows them all out of the water. I don’t know if I have seen a closer group of people! I’m glad I have found this before I have to deal with shit before too long. Nothing is set in stone, but I’m about to the point of just peaceing out of my current marriage. "

- Gunslinger

"Thank you for this. To be able to relate is a godsend. I'm not alone. I did "get-it"! My ears were open. I "was" listening to my Wife when manipulated into believing I wasn't trying & it was all my fault. What I loved, cherished & built for the last 15 yrs is being vaporized. To all the Men that have experienced their wife's selfishness, soul-raping betrayal and who have paid the consequences for "I love you but I'm not in love with you" and "I need to find myself"..... Thank you for sharing your words, your stories, thank you for everything. Sincerely."

- James

"Thank you, dammit, thank you. I dunno how many men's lives you've altered for the better, but thanks. You are at the forefront of male evolution."

- A.F. in Montana

"I have much respect and love for this website. I’ve been lurking and reading the collective wisdom of my brothers for several months.... making daily (sometimes hourly) withdrawls from this “bank” of knowledge that is life-saving. Rarely have I found it necessary to add further. The wise sages that regularly impart wisdom here simply articulate their thoughts in a way that has me nodding my head in agreement without any idea of how to improve upon them."

- LosPuke

"You have come to a truly exceptional place. The gentlemen here are full of stories, cautionary tales, motivation, support, humor, advice, and loyalty. I am a newcomer as well, and almost instantaneously found a home here. "

- Tex41

"This site is addictive. I had cravings, swear to God. "

- Russky

"Thank you for giving men like me a voice. When it seems like no one understands, MGTOW is a beacon of hope in a gynocentric fog of hopelessness."

- Jonathan

"I'm a 31 yo man and your site has permanently changed my life. The channels are overflowing with intelligence and although it's way past my bedtime I can't help but keep clicking for more. I've been feeling tension with women the last few years and now I understand what's really going on. I wish I found you sooner! Thank you so much for your work and efforts."

- Mr. Anderson - Indianapolis

"I would like to say thank you to this community for allowing unfettered access to a veritable wealth of information & delivered through such a classy vehicle, for surely MGTOW.com is like the Cadillac of websites with it’s superior functionality & overall luster. I salute you all."

- Gringo Star

"What A Pleasant Surprise. Found this site while looking at a comic on /fit/. I’d never heard of this site before 10 minutes ago. Read the about and felt like I was reading something I had written. Couldn’t be happier to know there is a community of men like me, proud to be here with the rest of you. Strength and honor!"

- SteelPearl

"I am so glad I found this site. Awesomesauce. Thank you so much for building such a wonderful place."

- Jeremiah

"You saved my life MGTOW. Thank you."

- Anonymously sent via the contact form 2015.02.01 8:01 AM

"It's is like ice water in the desert."

- Radtech132

"This has been a long time coming. This place is just so right. We almost never hear of women abusing men. We keep it to our selves afraid of being thought of as a pussy. Way past time to call women out for the shit they pull. Anyways I’m out and doing better days, now. Just so good to find this place. "

- Pharmer

"I am in the process of divorcing my wife of 30 years. I knew instantly that one day MGTOW would be my fate. So please let me thank everyone on this site for their contributions. I am in my early 50’s but feel like my best years are now ahead of me. And I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all that have posted here and given me such courage, strength, and sanity. I have fully consumed the red pill, and there is no going back. I have crossed the Rubicon, and counting the days until my divorce is final. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Cato

"Stumbled upon this site earlier today, hungover to fuck, spent a good few hours going thru the threads…what a pleasure to have a lot of my long held thoughts articulated by other fellas so concisely and with no fucks given. Whoever set this thing up deserves a fucking medal. Godspeed brothers!"

- GingerWinkle

"Plato here. I believe I made the first post in your forums. Your visitors are the most intelligent I've ever seen in any place. All men should visit this page. Sadly, I failed to prevent a marriage. Both of my brothers didn't forward MGTOW to the groom - a PGA professional golfer. I can see it now, a kid or so, then divorce. Way too much money for a girl to ignore. Thanks so much for this resource. Seriously. From the heart."

- Plato

"The world feels upright here. Think I’ll stay for awhile."

- Binary Logic

"I try to log in daily to read what other members have to say, and look into research for the fight that I'm taking right to the face of feminism here in NYC. I would just like to thank all of the men that put in so many hours of work to make this possible for men around the world. I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart. This is a just cause, and this website is a great resource for fighting the evil that is feminism. Again, thank you very much for all the effort put into this. Be well."

- Erik 718

"I jump out of planes. When taking into consideration a period of time catering to narcissistic sluts, trying to be what they wanted me to be and sacrificing my own life goals, dreams and aspirations in the process.... getting out of a Twin Otter at 12,000 feet is probably a much more logical and rational act than how I was living my life before."

- Sky-O

"Smart people learn from their mistakes.
Smarter people learn from other people’s mistakes."

- TBowden

"This is the first time I have written anything on a website of any kind. Never felt compelled to join any online forums before, but after a week of binge reading here I am happy to call myself a member. Since I have been reading here the mental switch has been unbelievable. The thought that having a life of my own is still so new that thinking about it makes me giggle like an idiot. I am profoundly grateful to each and every one of you."

- LowKey

"Thanks for not only creating this site but for allowing me to participate. I’m a veteran of the US Air Force which took me to many countries. As I read through the intro I was stunned it read - nearly word for word - like the life I have led until very recently. It’s like you guys knew me already. "

- Danny

"I was wondering what MGTOW stood for.  I found myself watching almost 2 hours of clips on the topic, and feel that I have finally found some people of a like mind. I have been told that I just don’t know what I am talking about, and many excuses as to how not finding a woman to develop a relationship with was my fault. I was thinking I was an anomaly in society. Good to find you all."

- The Mule

"This website doesn't just save lives. It saves souls."

- Ninja

"This place is like a bubbling oasis in a vast, unending desert of scorching misery. MGTOW is indeed a cool glass of water amidst this madness."

- WillyT73

"Having the the kid, saying “fuck you” to the father and expecting child support.... is like me telling my boss: "Hey, boss! Go F#@K yourself bro! And by the way, I’ll come to work when I damn well feel like it, and send my paychecks on the 1st and 15th, you piece of sh!t."

- Deus Ex Machina

"Killer site. I was so wowed by the freshness of your site. Unbelievably great effort."

- Jeffrey P.

"INTERNATIONAL MGTOW DAY / Feb 14th is gonna be a GREAT DAY! I am going to treat myself to whatever the fuck pleases me! I think I’m going to have a big fat steak and go ride my crotch rocket at very excessive speeds! If I’m feeling altruisric, I will find some cheap trollop to toss on the back and give her a couple of miles of Mr. Wrong!"

- SoulMan

"Hi folks ! French dude here, have been lurking for some weeks, finally “officializing” my presence as I feel it is necessary. Thanks for this great place, BTW! Have never been so happy to be single, nor so glad this place exists ! Hi everyone at MGTOW !"

- Okynrom

"Stay out of relationshits and you don’t have to deal with these God damned mind games. Never, never again will I deal with the fucking mental gymnastics women play. I’ll play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded cylinder first."

- Cap

"Damn, what a site! I was reading some YouTube comments, and someone mentions "MGTOW". WTF is a "MGTOW"? So I went searching. When I perused the home page, I felt like I do when I go to the hardware store or a strip club. I felt like I was home! And now I’m a menber. Thank you Mr. Orange, Mr.White, etc. for the red pill and for the website."

- Dakota

"I have lived the MGTOW attitude for the past few yearsL. I only signed up on this one a mere few hours ago and I can’t help thinking that I’m already so much at home. It’s really cool to be amongst you, fellas."

- Ned Trent

"... the relief of finding MGTOW. Well, my outlook has changed dramatically over the last seven years. Finding this website has been very refreshing, and it’s such a huge relief to find I’m not the only one. I had no idea that MGTOW was even a thing until I read "The Sexodus". I also found Barbarossa a few years back and found his thoughts and ideals refreshing."

- YinMaren

"So glad to have found this site, I have lost all of my near family, since my mother is a toxic narcissist and my sister is a Socialist, New Age, entitled bitch. If only could lead my business associate here."

- SpaceCowboyMGTOW

"This Feb 14th, I already made reservations to one of my favorite steak houses in town!. That’ll be one for My MGTOW Dinner. Then on 2.15.15 I’ve got first class tickets going to Ireland and Scotland for a week, then on to Morocco! Hope everyone else has an awesome, kick-ass International MGTOW Day."

- Deus Ex Machina

"I really feel like I’ve been trapped on an island and finally found a way back to shore. Not only have I found the rest of you, but I have quickly started making changes for myself and for my own fulfillment and happiness. Thank you all for coming together, I look forward to going my own way as I have been but now with new confidence."

- LordReilly

"I am so glad I found this website. I can just put down exactly what is on my mind without fear of criticism from people that are not my peers."

- Big D

"I also discovered MGTOW from youtube. People kept on saying MGTOW and I get mad at short forms because I can NEVER keep up with the internet and learn them all. So I googled MGTOW and found this. It was the most glorious website I have been searching for for years."

- Mr. Pops238

"This site is amazing. I am over 50 and been married for 24 years. In the passed 7 years or so I started waking up the "unique" way women think. Found this site a few days ago and have been MGTOW bingeing every chance I get. I'm already seeing reactions of surprise and confusion in the women in my life! This is a game equalizer."

- Mark | Western Colorado

"I am truly glad that I found this site. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I think that everything that I have been through has led me to MGTOW."

- Ronin X

"I can’t stop reading the forum!!! AND THE WALL!!! HOLY FUCK!! EPIC!!!"

- Philosophigus

"What an awesome site ! I have been a MGHOW for 2 years and didn’t even realize there was a term for it! Greetings, my brothers ! This website is like Disney World!"

- MGHOW YouWish

"Awesome site, and I'm glad to be here."

- Saddio

"I was browsing 4chan last night..someone posted info re MGTOW. Well what a revelation! I have found a truth to take to heart and MGTOW is making me whole again. Thank you. I am in the UK and I know so many men who need to know! Peace."

- Andrew P. | United Kingdom

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