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2014 The Year Feminists Lost The Debate

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Five Years ago, you would have never seen a video like this. A man looking his audience straight in the eye and machine-gun hammering the cultural failures of feminism? A mere 3 years ago, if you offered the male opinion on Yahoo Answers and a woman didn’t like it, a swarm of feminist wasps would down-vote it right into your mom’s basement … and they would not only delete it, your account would vanish too – without explanation or possibility of reprieve. Because if you are male, saying what you believe is considered a “violation of Yahoo’s terms of service”, especially if it’s true.

Shut him up or shut him down! The kind of gynocentric nonsense that went on to control the dialogue in the “gender and women’s studies” section is enough to turn to your hair white. But they allow this:

That’s a violation of a Man’s terms of service – to have his legal prenuptual agreement thrown out as worthless by a court of law. But his greedy ex-wife is permitted to shamelessly seek advice on how to extort more money from him years after the fact? Comment under that as a man in the way she deserves, and watch what happens. You would have received a dozen thumbs down and a warning letter in your email box about how you “violated” Yahoo’s terms of service. But not anymore.

Men are speaking up and not apologizing with their voices, faces and real names.
What’s a feminist gonna do now? Get mad? Oooh scary. Hit the report and delete button? Terrifying.

It gets funny when you realize a yahoo user ID is worthless. It’s worth more to them than it is to you.
Create a new account in 20 seconds and just like a feminist, they accomplished nothing.

You can’t delete the internet. It was created by men for other men and it’s only by our devine manly grace that women are permitted to use it. You’re welcome.

The feminist debate has been raging for decades and 2014 is the year they got a broken nose by punching themselves in the face. That’s what happens when an ideology is built on a foundation of lies and hypocrisy. The whole thing easily crumbles with a stiff breeze. That’s why feminism needs to happen in “waves”. They couldn’t get it right the first time, or the second, or the fourth. Billions of dollars in funding blowing away in the breeze.

When the Kings of Egypt didn’t want a structure to collapse, they made it pyramid-shaped out of something solid that would last thousands of years. They made certain they got it right the first time, building it wider than it is high. Failure, throwing away the resources, sweat and toil of thousands was not an option. And now men know how to build something 6 times as high that can’t come crashing down with an opposing viewpoint.

Feminists still haven’t figured out feminism was not created in the best interests of women. It was deliberately engineered to tax the other half of the population and destabilize society. Why charge $50K for a house, when they can convince women to work so they can charge $150K? The women fighting on the front lines convincing others they were “oppressed” successfully manipulated 1/2 the population into facing the back of a cubicle for the next 40 years to slave away and pay their own mortgages using slogans like “you can have it all”. And women bought it by the trough.

Nicely done ladies. Take a bow.

Here is the simple mathematical formula for a pyramid which ancient man figured out millennia ago: Ab=lw
Go away and figure it out. We would help you, but apparently it’s offical, men are idiots.

Have a nice day.