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Everybody’s talking about it. MGTOW. Men Going Their Own Way. The Sexodus. The Man Strike. The Marriage Strike. Herbivores. And the always good-time favorite: “Peter Pan Syndrome” – implying a man deciding a marriage contract fails a cost/benefit analysis is somehow immature and needs to grow up. Love hearing that one.

“When are you gonna finally grow up and get married?”

“If a marriage contract were an indicator of maturity, how childish is every person who ever got divorced?”

… and that takes care of that.

Since a whopping +72% of divorces are solely initiated by women, who’s more immature now? The number is much higher, because there are brides who are “happily married” but dreaming of divorce, and they are still living a lie. In a mile-long list of diatribes, these aging, miserable harpies rail on about their husband’s every inadequacy when he’s not looking, and to the last place you would ever expect: Oprah Magazine and CNN.

Pretending to be happily married during what they call “a period of high irritation lasting one or two decades”, she explains how brides really hate it when the loser she married still greets her ungrateful ass with a smile in the morning – because she’s not viable and prefers to behave like a complete bitch before 10AM. Those are her words. Go ahead and marvel at her maturity. That’s what a man can look forward to after 16 years of busting his ass to make her happy. Happily-Married Dreaming of Divorce is just another way of saying ungrateful middle-aged married t~~~s are happy when they are complaining. Therefore….

Marriage is for gays.

Pull the pin on that grenade at your next politically-correct dinner party. Then gently set it down on the table, and watch what happens. You don’t even need to say anything else. Just continue happily eating your dessert, and you’ll be able to hear a mouse fart – particularly in the company of a progressive married couple or three. “Gosh, look at the time. Thanks for dinner! I had a lovely evening.” Then excuse yourself to go home and clean your andirons. Twice as funny when they know you don’t even have a fireplace. Then check your rear-view mirror as you pull away slowly laughing at the lingering mushroom cloud you left behind.

The people talking most about MGTOW are not even the MGTOW. They are married & common-law/attached men pretending to be authorities on it. That’s like a cat telling a dog what it is, and how to bark. Not only are they talking about it, the comedians at A Voice for Money Men are now looking for a job, hoping to author the book on it. Anything to avoid a future where they will be forced to ask “paper or plastic”?

John The Other (formerly of AVFM) dropped this perfectly-articulated megaton nuke and invites you to enjoy the fireworks from a distance. AVFM are like that bratty little 5-year old you keep at an outstretched arms length with your hand on it’s head as it leans in to takes all kinds of swings at you. All that force and hitting nothing. Like a housefly bashing its head against the glass over and over again. You wish you could tell that stupid fly to find another window. Eventually, it ends up dead on the window sill from exhaustion, and all you can do is sweep it into the trash.

In recent months especially, MGTOW as a social phenomenon has eclipsed an established financed operation – without any funding. Let’s repeat that for the deaf. Men Going Their Own Way – without any financial backing, meetings, conference calls, staff, or organized public events and paper pushing – have made a permanent impact on the world so profound and unaccidentally cool, that even married & common law men who don’t approve of what it stands for now want to be a part of it. They want to shape, co-opt and re-define it to suit THEM. Then repackage and sell it.

All that without a single MGHOW throwing a fist.

First, they attempted to call MGTOW an “ideology”. Easy to disprove in half a sentence, because an ideology is not fact, reality or truth-based. That failed, so they called it a “cult”. But if MGTOW is a cult, then the AVFM top brass who signed up to our website many months ago must do what we say. They would be told what to wear. What to think. What to do. And what to drink…. and they would have to comply. That failed too, and now they call it a “sinking ship”. Except MGTOW has been “sinking” for centuries, since before Galileo went his own way to stand before the Catholic Church and inform them the Earth is not the center of the Universe. It’s not even the center of the Solar System. Of course, the Church freaked out, ordered him never to speak about it again, and he narrowly avoided a death sentence. So why did they want to shut him up and shut him down?

Because Galileo wasn’t pushing an ideology. The Catholic Church was.

“The truth can wait. For it lives a long time.”
– Schopenhauer c.1865

In the future, if AVFM or any married affiliate has any questions about MGTOW, they will make no more silly definitions and declarations. They may use the contact form, and ASK. If they ask nicely, MGTOW may even give them an autograph.

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