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Alone is Far From Lonely

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There are many who see only negativity in “being alone” and they will justify any other existence as preferable – including a miserable one. When there is no inch of rope left, they will grasp at anything to “sell” men a fraudulent marriage contract. “How about just not dying alone?”. Except everyone dies alone. In fact, wives outlive their husbands by an average of 8 years, so even he marries, it’s more likely she will “die alone”.

“Alone” ( as a perceived negative ) is their own fears projected onto others.
The idea is devastating to them, because they simply don’t like themselves.

Consider Robbing Williams. He was an immensely popular, successful, lovable, funny and vivacious character and a famous movie star who was rarely if ever “alone”. He brought laughter and inspiration to troops stationed in other countries, and was also a father who married three times.

It’s very easy to feel alone in a city of 9 million, but how can it be “lonely” to be surrounded by one’s own family at the dinner table?

Far more than just a Motivational Monday speech to generate good feelz, Nick Drossos nails it ( video above ) when emphasizing the strong preference for keeping his own company, and that married men are perhaps the loneliest of all. There exists an entire instagram gallery of “miserable men” waiting for their wives to stop spending, and if you pull the curtain back and read the comments, you’ll see an army of lolz from wives and girlfriends who believe these men are all “well trained”.

“What really sealed the deal for me, was when I met Katy Perry’s bodyguard at random while admiring his motorbike in a parking lot one evening. A very casual five-minute conversation turned into nearly 4 hours as we chatted at an outdoor coffee shop, and he spoke about fame and life in the Hollywood hills. He said something I will never forget.

“If you ever feel alone , or lonely . . . . just wait until you’re famous.”

– Forums Admin at mgtow.com