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An Introduction to Hypergamy

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A very simple and essential introduction to perhaps THE Rosetta Stone of female behavior ….. which every man must understand before he beats himself up over all the other reasons she might give for initiating a divorce or break up.

She “loves you, but she’s not IN love with you”.
She “needs time and space”.
She “doesn’t feel like she has anything to give at the moment”.
She “is at a point in her life where she really needs to focus on her career”.
She “needs to FIND herself”.
She’s “not sure where this relationship is going”. (when she has already decided without consulting you, that it’s going in the trash)
You’re a “really great guy”… but she’s “just not feeling it anymore”.
“It’s not you. It’s her”.

Only the last one is remotely accurate, and the rest are all another way of saying “Hypergamy” – as she is hardwired by nature to seek out the best possible supplier of resources to ensure her legacy. So if you’ve ever stood there scratching your head wondering why everything you did was “not good enough”, you can rest easy because there is an explanation for it.

Whether you agree or not – and accept it or not – Hypergamy is a reality. In the current social and economic climate, one could easily call it an epidemic. But no matter what you call it, it all points to the same thing. In fact, you can be certain if you came home on some random Tuesday and announced that you lost your job… she will already be planning her departure.

Of course, in this way, Hypergamy can also be your ally. In many ways, the very fact that “life is not fair” is a GOOD thing, and can be turned right around on its ass to work in your favor. Use this to your advantage whenever possible, and perhaps consider it a splinter of inspiration to make a whopping success of yourself.

…then YOU will be in a position to decide if you’re “just not feeling it anymore”, as you plan your departure and “trade up” your car for a newer, hotter, fresh-smelling, younger model.

AAAAHHH that new car smell.