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Bill Burr on The Epidemic of Gold Digging Whores

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Mater, the Latin word for mother, is the root word of materialism. How did we ever get the idea that women are spiritual and men are materialistic?…Rich Zubaty

Here is a good one page website that explains some more truth about marriage and just how dangerous it is for men. https://weddedabyss.wordpress.com/

This recent ABC video PROVES how girls as young as 10 or younger are already viewing their bodies as giving them POWER by being sexy, dressing in tight clothes and seeking to use their bodies to control men!


Shannon Faulkner
New Citadel Challenger Pronounces Herself Physically Ready

Two More Female Marines Flunk Out of Officer Combat Training

Female Lieutenants Flunk Marine Corps’ Fierce Infantry Training

WARNING: This film uses broad terms, hyperbole and deliberately disparaging language entirely for the purpose of analyzing misandry, and for NO other reason.

Looks at the portrayal of tough women, genius women and heroic women on our screens and the simultaneous attempt to relegate men.

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