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Black Women and MGTOW

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Who knew that not hitting a woman when she wants you to would hurt so much?

You can do much more damage to her by ignoring her completely. Permanent, internal damage.

Many of the first Men Going Their Own Way (as a cultural phenomenon) began in the black community, and it’s easy to see why if you watch the video on the right. Even when she wants a man to hit her, he will refuse, repeat it a hundred times, and it’s still not good enough for her.

Imagine being not good enough for a woman because you refuse to hit her.
Now imagine being not good enough because you’re “too nice”.

Can anybody blame black men for not wanting anything to do with them?
One wonders how she can be so incapable of self-reflection.

With 70% of African American women being single, the recent explosion in the number of white single mothers is a minor aftershock by comparison. Going on national television and telling Oprah and Tyra that they have “more in common with non-black men” is not the way to complain about not being able to secure a husband – no matter how much you cry in your kleenex about it.

Forget black and white. Race is irellevant.

As a modern American female, you have nothing in common with a Man in the first place. The legal system and your own degree of non-accountability makes sure of that. And you voted for it, sista. No amount of shouting, screaming, stomping, yelling, scolding, demanding, expecting, shaming, holding your index finger up, shaking your head from side to side and being otherwise repugnant will ever change that.

Don’t get all up in your stuff about it, mkay? Try being a lovely person for a change. And if that doesn’t work, don’t blame a man for not wanting to hit you. Men are not required to hit you, date you or marry you – in the interest of their own self-preservation. Tommy Sotomayor can explain that further. He’s a black man so you don’t get to call it “racism”.

It’s clear black women have failed their men, so it really isn’t anyone else’s fault. Perhaps trying to incite any response – even a violent one – is preferred over no response at all. Nature already equipped with the female with something attractive to men. But if a man prefers not to go near it, then it doesn’t say anything about him. It says everything about her.