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Boycott Valentine’s Day

Video Info & Description

I just finished watching a video and I’ve added in the description. It’s called boycott valentines day. And the video says that men spend twice as much money on Valentines day then women. And the man in this particular video gets in a fight with one of the women in it. She tries to shame him into changing his mind and telling everyone on national television that men should spend more money on women and that’s just the way it should be. I think at one point in this piece the man in the video even says that Valentines day is an early Christmas for women. I’m not sure I could be wrong about is. But if it’s true then valentines day is essentially a celebration of the inequality between lovers. What I found interesting about this piece was the amount of shame tactics used against this man who was making rational and reasonable arguments. The women in the video were not attacking the man’s reason and rational. They were instead targeting his emotions. In my opinion flattery and gifts are the quickest way for a man to get into a woman’s pants. Shame and emotional manipulation are the quickest way for a woman to get into a man’s wallet. It’s easier to emotionally manipulate a weak man by targeting his already weak self esteem. And it’s easier to manipulate a woman with weak self esteem by buying her gifts and speaking sweet nothings into her ears. But I’d like to focus on shame.

Boycott Valentines Day:

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