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Buy Her Nothing

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Children are allowed to behave like little bastards at Christmas because they’re kids.
Women have no excuse. They can vote.

JC Penny perfectly understands female nature and exploits it for profit. They already know millions of post-teenage women think there is such a thing as the wrong gift, and gear their marketing toward guilting the last remaining husbands in America into wasting money on crap their wives will never need…. and then pepper it with a sense of obligation and resent. He gave her a $500 vacuum cleaner instead of a useless tennis bracelet? What an asshole. Throw him in “the doghouse”.

Never marry a woman who receives a gift and behaves like you treated her badly. Discard her at once.
That bitch belongs in the doghouse until she’s grateful to have a roof over her head at all.

This is why JC Penny is forced to keep closing their stores. Instead of shutting down locations, change your marketing strategy. It’s as disgraceful as the female mentality. Maybe you’re forced to hire women and don’t have the sack to fire the female creatives who think up, but men are not as stupid as women pretend. Even a dog owner can tell you a bitch will get very uncomfortable when she doesn’t feel the end of her leash.

If you listen to her, a woman will bankrupt you just like her husband.

This poisonous message is openly broadcast into every home without objection, is perceived as “hilarious”, seeps into their selfish skulls, and magically grants western women automatic license to behave like the 4 year-old disappointed child of a broke single mother languishing in permanent poverty. When giving your woman anything becomes a problem, it’s time to stop giving. Being a bitch is hard work, but you don’t reward her with gifts unless you plan on training her to become an even bigger bitch.

If women had any sense of gratitude, they would enjoy getting $200 worth of computer ram ( or a gym membership ) paid for by their husbands, because if she actually made use of it, more men would be willing to give her useless gifts… and she could also log in to her 14 online dating profiles faster.

“The doghouse” is for bitches. not generous men who give things to women who deserve to receive nothing. Bitches need to be reminded of that. Husbands getting reprimanded for not buying her a useless tennis bracelet she can stare at all day is really not the message you want to be buying from JC Penny. It’s not a man’s fault women prefer gifts given out of obligation and resent. That’s her own problem. Even a top-of-the-line Dyson® dual-bag vacuum cleaner sucks better than most girlfriends and wives. When a $500 object does a better job than she, it’s time to replace the old bag. (Just don’t buy it at JC Penny.)

This Christmas, tell her you’re giving money to Haiti, the Philippines, or Japan relief instead.
The % of upset she is, is the % of selfish bitch she is.