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Canadian Beavers

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It won’t surprise you to know the highest concentration of MGTOW interest is in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia, but it may surprise you to learn the city of Toronto, Canada may very well be MGTOW capital of the world.

Popular Canadian YouTube blogger “Sandman” shares a story of a meet-and-mingle singles event in Toronto in which 105 women showed up hoping to meet plenty of eligible men. The men meet the surface criteria and are generally successful and high-earning , but (are you sitting down?) only 3 Men were in attendance. Three. We all know even if 210 men showed, the women would still wonder “where are all the good men?”… which – in itself – is an excellent indicator as to why only 3 men would show up at all.

Now, do you think the 105 women were tearing off the shirts of the 3 men who showed? After all, they were there to meet eligible men. Or do you think these 105 women spent the evening griping about how only 3 men showed, and ended up getting drunk and dancing with each other instead?

Waking up to the fact that dating and marriage fail a cost/benefit analysis for the modern male, Sandman talks about how he explained this to a woman who just doesn’t seem to get it. A simple neutral tone and disinterested MGTOW attitude can go along way in effectively making a point.

*Video by MGHOW vlogger “Sandman”, who has produced an entire volume of +/-200 MGTOW-related topics
and shares his personal anecdotal experiences. Subscribe to him on youtube.