David Foley and Joe Rogan on the Nightmare of Divorce


Professional comedians David Foley and Joey Rogan in a very candid exchange about the unacceptable circumstances surrounding his ugly divorce. You may know David Foley as the voice of “Flick” The Ant (in Disney/Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”)… but this story is anything from a happy little fairy tale cartoon. There is a high MGTOW interest in Canada and it’s easy to see why.

Almost immediately after Robbin William’s tragic suicide this week, the headlines said he “had money problems” – if you can call being ordered to pay $35 million to your ex wives “money problems”. Imagine the life he could have today if hadn’t signed a marriage contract. He would be $35 millions dollars better off. And there would be no more “money problems”. Fascinating.

How many great men have to be chopped in half and suicide themselves as the media comes up with every conceivable deflection to avoid the reality of it? “He was extremely depressed”…. “he has money problems”…. “he was in the early stages of parkinson’s disease”….. anything to distract you from what’s really going on. It’s all in the clever phrasing:

HE has money problems.

HE does.

It’s HIS problem.

This is how the divorce and family court system deflects attention away from the unbridled greed and selfishness of the ex-wives who will happily take $17,000 a month in “child support” and not even have the goddamn courtesy or place in her heart to write a check for $10,000 back to him with a note saying “I really don’t need all of this. You should have it. It’s yours. Thank you for the other $7,000. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”

“HE” has money problems? No no. She’s a greedy, selfish parasite.
Print that in your f~~~ing headlines.

So whenever you are asked “why do men not want to get married?” you’ll know exactly what to tell them. You don’t want “money problems” or to end up killing yourself when your psycho wife reveals her true nature after the wedding.

R.I.P Robbin Williams. Thank you for your creativity, imagination, the laughter (and tears) you brought to the faces of generations, both young and old. You were truly one of a kind.