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Deconstructing Game

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The “PUA” or pick-up artist, uses “game” in an attempt heighten female attraction. Posing as an “alpha male” – even though he is not – in an attempt to enjoy more notch counts… he studies and applies natural and learned behaviors to compete with other men for female affections.

MGHOW Barbarossa slams the PUA community in this brilliant deconstruction, exposes them as no more than supplicating beta males in a cuter outfit…. and explains how the PUA attempts to convince you that after studying what women want (as opposed to what they SAY they want) that “game” isn’t about – and solely about – giving women what they want.

Taking it a step further, he dives deeply into the dangers inherent in this, and talks about how competition for females is no more than stifling, wasteful expenditure of male vitality… when men would be more rewarded to compete in ways they always have, for the advancement of civilization.

When men compete with each other in sciences, architecture, mathematics, and business etc… greatness is achieved. When men compete for women, it is an indicator that the present society is in deep s~~~.

The pursuit of women never pays. It only COSTS.
Pursue other more important things that PAY…
And when you are successful, women will pursue YOU.

*Video by MGHOW vlogger “Barbarossa”. His series is outstanding and required. Subscribe to him on youtube.