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The Disposable Male

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Everything flows from the fundamental premise:
Eggs are expensive. Sperm is cheap.

As a ten-year old, I was watching the TITANIC movie with my family. The old one. When the ship was sinking, a man put a scarf around his head and stepped into the lifeboat disguising himself as a woman, and he was looked down upon for doing so. I remember the look of shame on his face. I turned to my Mom and asked “Why is that so bad? Whats wrong with that? He just wants to live!”.

“A man would NEVER do that”, she said. “That’s cowardly”.
“Women and children first, and the men went down with the ship”.

I knew that was bulls~~~ right there. A MGHOW at 10 years old.
Looking to my father for reenforcement, he remained curiously silent.

Fast forward to James Cameron’s version, and Kate Winslet is laying on a slab of wood large enough to hold a NOW meeting on “the patriarchy”. There’s this uncomfortable few seconds where neither of them say anything, but it’s clearly unspoken and mutually understood that she should have it all to herself, and Leonardo DiCaprio should remain in the water. “I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.”….. right before she uncurls his crunchy frozen fingers and lets him slip into the abyss. I must have been the only person in the theatre who saw the dark humor and irony in that, and blurted out a snicker while shaking my head.

Yeah you’ll let go alright. To save your own ass. He has served his purpose. Especially, when only shortly before, you told him to get lost and never wanted to see him again because you emphatically decided to marry the rich dickhead due to your hypergamous nature.


Why wasn’t she shamed for that? Leo would have been perfectly justified in tossing her off the raft while telling her to “sink or swim, honey”. Plus, she was about to throw herself off the stern when they first met, anyway. Did this not cross anyone’s mind?

The girl I was with was balling her eyes out, and nudged me with her elbow for ruining the moment. How dare I. When we left the theatre, I told her the raft was big enough for THREE Kate Winslets, and she knew it. “You’re killing the romance of it all” she said. (More female brainwashing).

Romance? A man lays his life down to save a woman… and this is ROMANTIC?

No. A unprompted $5 bunch of flowers on any day but February 14th is “romantic”.
Willingly drowning so that she may live after she dumped you, is no longer “romantic”. It’s stupid.

It’s the concept of male disposability which women just assume you must automatically accept – else you are an un-romantic coward. And your highest reward for dying is that she will think it’s “romantic”. Isn’t that so generous of her.

Eggs are expensive. Sperm is cheap.

*Video by MGHOW vlogger “Spetsnaz”. His series is excellent and highly recommended. Subscribe to him on youtube.