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End of Civilization


How “the mice utopia experiment” may reveal more about what’s really to come, and the impact of MGTOW on society. Throw a dart at any situation where men withdraw from participating as utilities, and the target of discussion might be the London garbage (rubbish) strike of 1969. The refuse stank up the streets of London for weeks, and society just passively expected some men would take it away.

When the contributions and labor of men go unrecognized, the true “value” is not shown by working harder, but rather by not participating and taking it away. So in that way, the author makes a slight error in calling MGTOW a “movement”, because the non-action now becomes the action. “Movements” battle and march forward in an organized fashion attempting to actively reach a common goal. They do not retreat.

MGTOW is less of a “cause”, and more of an effect.

The system only works when men are willing to quietly do as they always have.
Chaos arises with no effort, when men simply decide to do nothing.