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Feminists Retire in Defeat

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Criticism. It’s good for you. Embrace it.

It’s a basic concept that forces you to answer hard questions, and question your own answers. It means you’re being treated like a peer – or an equal. You can have special and differential treatment – or – you can have “respect”. One can not have both.

Only those in the big leagues can handle criticism, but there seems to be some unwritten 11th commandment which suggests you may never criticize a female or what she actually does…. else you are a “misogynist”, it is “hate”, and they feel “abused” by something someone TYPED, so they need a “safe space” with convenient “report” buttons to machine-gun hammer when reading a comment left by a member of “the patriarchy”.

That is an open admission of inferiority.

Cyber-bullying? How do they cope in the real world!?

If that offended you, forfeit your internet connection immediately. You are not ready for it. One wonders how feminists can expect to be suitable for leadership positions when they feel so threatened by a man’s legitimate freedom of expression.

Femfreak Anita Sarkeesian of gamerhate notoriety (#gamergate) is so sensitive to typed words, she requires tax-payer-funded escort vehicles to be carted about town. For someone who claims to be terrorized by death threats, you have to marvel how she manages to step in and out of her carriage with a smile on her face as if she were attending the Oscars. Since she will never be nominated, this is as close to celebrity status as she will ever come. Recently appearing on ABC TV, she claimed to be a “target”. But if that’s such a problem, why is ABC pointing a camera at her?

When the object of a video game is to kill your opponent, why is she expecting politesse? She should expect to be intimidated, talked down to, insulted and mocked right into next week. That’s the World of Warcraft, baby. It’s now open season on her feelings. Psychologically breaking down opponents is half of winning…. and living in fear is all of losing. Violent games are only going to get more vivid in the future. Man up your game, and if you’re that fragile, go play with Fat Barbie and shut the f~~~ up. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

Only a feminist parades around with a joker grin while pretending to fear for her life. That’s how she convinces herself she made it big. Being driven to the food court protected by the loathsome patriarchy handsomely outfitted in bullet-proof vests. All that’s missing is a red carpet, Joan Rivers asking “who are you  kidding  wearing?”, and in her mind, she’s living the dream.

Public television interviews are for talented, charismatic people others actually want to see and be entertained by. Not those who are so steeped in a victim mentality that a 140-character tweet violates their delicate sensibilities. Edward Snowdon disappeared to Russia in a right-quick hurry, but Anita Sarkeesian insists on dying a strip of her hair laser-pointer pink, and cries misogyny while stepping up to a podium thinking she is Jennifer Lawrence.

Give her a bunker 10 stories down with no windows or access to the internet in northern Siberia. How’s that for a safe space? It’s where she belongs. Because you wouldn’t want to hurt her feeeeeeelings.

Here is an email we received last month. Call ABC and bring the limo around.
It really hurt our feeeeelings.