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Fox News Prostitutes

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When a woman understands nothing about gender sex dynamics, she goes on FOX News and lectures on how men should pay for her. Completely unwilling to admit she is a prostitute, women like this have no concept of masculinity outside the scope of what she thinks a men can – and “should” – do for her.

With all the pretending they do about being better communicators, “independent” American/Western women present themselves as prostitutes while pretending to be the opposite – not prositutes. That’s bad communicating. But to her, this is called “dating”. In her confused mind, Men exist to treat her like a prostitute, and if you don’t, she will have a real problem with it and march down to the nearest television studio to tell you about it. However, when you lay the problem down and spread its legs to get a closer look, the problem doesn’t lay in the fact that she is a prostitute….. but rather, that treating her this way is EXPECTED.

The Message: You should treat her like a prostitute. And damn you if you don’t, you silly little man.

The Reality: Even a pre-paid cell phone gives you more value.

While all of us know that women are much too horny to ever need to pay for their attention, time or affection, those promiscuous women have no idea they just lowered every whore’s price to $0. Let her remain “independent” long enough to figure it out. She will know she priced herself out of the market when she eventually hits The Wallâ„¢ and smashes into the truth face first. It’s inevitable.

At the moment she can’t see past her own nipples, but to a woman, calling attention to her innate prostitution is more true than anything else. She validates her self-worth by how much a man will pay for access to her vagina… and this self-perceived *value* she doesn’t add to your life will increase even more when you are stupid enough to pay for NO access to her vagina. For prostitutes (and women in business) this is called a “promotion”, and that’s why they want it so badly…. but the last thing a man wants is a whore who doesn’t know how to do her job.

You can’t blame women for this because prostitution is why we are all here today, but men are why vaccines and supersonic cars are here. If it were possible to respect a woman, you might even respect one who knew what she was and embraced it, instead of drowning her shame in designer handbags and abusive boyfriends who she had sex with for free. That’s why the film Pretty Woman was such a laudable success among women. It’s every female’s ultimate fantasy.

If you’re “dating” anywhere that costs money, you’re dating all wrong. But if you insist on dating prostitutes who don’t admit they are prostitutes, for god’s sake man, make her pay. When she has a problem, you look her in the eye and tell her you refuse to treat women like prostitutes because women are now more promiscuous than ever. It will ruin more than just her hair. Sex-for-sex exchange only, just like the agreement she made on her knees with the football team, and the greasy DJ/unemployed musician before you. If you really want to dial it up a few notches, tell her it’s because you “respect women too much”. They love that.