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Golddigger Prank

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You can learn this first hand when you trade up automobiles . What’s really interesting is it’s not even “the car” she identifies with. It’s the HOOD ORNAMENT. Women can’t tell you a thing about horsepower, or handling, year of production, or the difference between a BMW M3 or an M5… but they identify with the icon on the hood. They know a guy who drives a car with the BMW propeller probably makes less money than the guy with the Porsche badge….. who probably makes less then the guy the cute black and yellow horse on the hood. Whether it’s a 1983 Ferrari 328 or a 2013 F12 is totally irrelevant. Even though one costs 10x as much.

Women make the tragic mistake of trying to figure out what a guy MAKES in a year – instead of what he SAVES in a year. That’s where the question comes from “so what do you do for a living?”. If she had any sense at all, she would understand the type of car he drives is not a reliable indicator of anything. There are plenty of dudes who are neck deep in monthly payments just to get their asses into a Gallardo… while others with 200K in the bank are driving a f~~~ing Prius or a Mustang.

I have actually stood on a street corner waiting to cross, and a guy in a fantastic Mercedes SLR pulled up to the red light. A complete stranger (female) says out loud so I could hear it… “guys who drive cars like that are over-compensating for something”.

F~~~ you, bitch.

Guys who drive cars like that work 10x harder than you, and twice as many hours in a year, have their own business, and probably write the f~~~ing thing off as an “expense” if they really know what they are doing. But a woman will reduce all of that down to “penis size”. The only thing exposed is her small mind. That kind of comment reveals more about HER than it does about HIM, that’s for sure.

So I said “Oh really? I suppose the fact that I am walking means I must be hung like a mule, then, huh.”
Then I walked off and couldn’t stop laughing inside… as I left her there speechless, realizing just how retarded she made herself look.