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Gold-Digger Recipe for Failure

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MGTOW.com might save you a small fortune around the holidays, but a website called Make Him Buy (dot net) with the message “make him buy you stuff” gives you a step-by-step recipe and detailed breakdown on how women intend to manipulate you out of your cash. The message is aimed at women and affectionately entitled “how to get what you want from men”.


And no. We just checked. There is no website called “make her have sex”. That’s because men have more class, and there is really no trick to it. If you want to bed a gold-digger, it’s really quite simple. Just say “Hello, I’m a doctor”. She’ll be on her back with her legs in the air faster than she can drop a bunch of flowers. The End.

Hand written and illustrated by what appears to be a male hand, the mangina who spells it out for women seems to think it’s possible for a woman to make you buy her stuff. Couldn’t they get a female hand to add credibility? Couldn’t they hire a whore for at least a hand job long enough to write it out? Maybe it is a female hand retaining water. Who can say, really. The point is… Make Him Buy endorses the idea that women should be treated like prostitutes who don’t put out. Can a woman really make a man buy her stuff? Of course not. Just like a man can’t make a woman have sex. The female audience depends on your being stupid enough to give it to them.

That’s why there are videos on YouTube about furious women who can’t get a man to buy them a damn thing.
None of those tips will ever work for her.

Teaching women how to get what they want could only be possible if women knew what that is. But first, someone would need to produce a video telling women what they want. That would certainly be some valuable information. As would “how not to be a repeat failure in your personal life”.

MGTOW already know how to not give women want they want: attention. And there’s no trick to that. Don’t give her attention and she can never “make” you buy her stuff. But as a MGHOW, you don’t need to concern yourself with this. You can just look at you ATM receipts and count all the money no woman is “making” you give her.

And FYI…. makehercry.net is available.
Feel free to use your imagination there.